• Birthday 12/21/1959

  • Master Lee major in mathematics when studied in Soochow University.


Current Positions

  • President and Director of the Forshang Buddhism World Center Da Yuan Association.

    Branches are situated in: the U.S (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), Japan, Singapore, Malaysia

    Initiated Members cover Taiwan, U.S.A. Canada, East Europe (Bulgaria), Central Europe (Germany), West Europe (England, France), South Europe (Portugal), Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

  • President and Director of Forshang World Foundation, a juridical person with branches throughout the world: Taiwan, Hong Kong, The U.S. (LA, Hawaii), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver).

  • Honorary Advisor to the International Olympic Committee Member’s Office in Chinese Taipei



    • Born in 1959, he received many literary awards during Military service, and is adept in playing violin and cello.

    • Following military service, he served as the Editor-in-chief of a publishing company, and screenwriter/director of a television station.

    • He has written more than ten sets of Chinese ancient swordsmen novels under his pseudonym - Chi Ru (meaning a Confucian of unusual distinction). His first novel was “Sword of the Cicada’s Wing” which was later rewritten for a TV series - The Legend of the Cicada’s Wing, aired at 8:00 p.m. on Sundays on The Chinese Television channel. The airing was rated second among all programs broadcast by three major television companies during that entire year.

    • He first met with Master Fruit - Kuang-ching of the Tian Zen Temple of the Pure Land School of Buddhism in early 1977, he was instructed to be someone whose purpose in this lifetime was for cultivation.

    •   In Oct., 1989, Master Lee met with Master Huai-jin Nan in Hong Kong. Upon entering the room, Master Nan pointed to Master Lee in front of everybody and said, “This person has great supernatural powers and will become the patriarch of a religious school.”

    • In March 1988, Master Lee joined Forshang Buddhism to study under Yuan Dao Bodhisattva’s instruction. Three months later, he was able to see through people’s bodies and know the causation of their illnesses. Six months later, he acquired the ability to predict international events.

    • He practiced eight and one half month’s secluded meditation from July, 1988 till April, 1989, during which he cultivated over eighteen hours every day. After a major breakthrough, he was instructed by the second Patriarch, Yuan Dao Bodhisattva to establish the Da Yuan Association. He was also verified by him as the third Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism and the Head Professor of Forshang Buddhism as well. He has been completely devoted to preaching the Forshang doctrine since then.

    • In Oct. 1989, Master Lee participated in “The International Chi Kung Medical Conference” held in Beijing, China. In that conference he shocked all the attendees with his supernatural powers and was invited to preach in Japan by many Japanese organizations.

    • Since Nov. 1990, he has visited Japan many times to preach. His disciples are all celebrities in Japanese society, including the head trainer of the Art of Sword for the Japanese royal family, Mr. Nota Katsuhiko; the president of the Japanese Tai Chi Chuan Association, Mr. Mitsushiro Masahiro (三代正廣) , who won Karate champion titles in two consecutive years; Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Association, Mr. Hung-jen Lo; and Mr. Ishikawa (石川教張) , Dean of the Graduate School of Modern Religious Study in the College of Religion of the Japanese Lotus School; etc.

    • Since Feb., 1991 he became the first non-Japanese teacher formally invited to instruct the Japanese national athletic representatives of Tai Chi Chuan for the Asian Olympic Games to practice the art of Zen and meditation. In an evening party held during the intensive training period, he stunned more than three hundred experts of martial arts with the sound Dharani “howling freely between heaven and earth.” As dozens of people were actually pushed to the ground simply from the sound of his voice, this event greatly impressed the Asian Olympic Games attendees in Japan.

    • He was interviewed by the TV Morning News and many other major media of the country. In May, 1992, a press release about Master Lee appeared on the front page of QA magazine of Common Association in Japan.

    • Master Lee made many accurate predictions of important international events when he was interviewed in January, 1991 by Mystery Magazine and Unique Journal. Mystery Magazine wrote an article about his predictions in their 65th issue released on Feb. 24. Unique Journal made a report on these predictions in their 141st issue. Master Lee predicted that the Persian Gulf War would end at the number 8. The war ended on Feb. 28. He also predicted that in July of the Chinese Lunar Calendar the governments on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will have further developments. The Red Cross in China came to Taiwan in a devious way. He predicted that the Soviet Union would completely change. The Soviet Union collapsed because of a political coup in Aug.19 and in Aug. 21, Gorbachev resumed his political power. In addition to these predictions, he also accurately predicted the crash of a United Airlines Flight en route from Germany to the U.S., the coup in Thailand, the violent riot in Sri Lanka, and a riot occurring in India due to religious reasons.

    • In August of 1993, the second Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism, Yuan Dao Bodhisattva attained his perfect rest. Master Lee succeeded him to become the third Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism and has since presided over all preaching activities. The preaching areas cover Taiwan and sites all over the world. At present, the branches and the ritualistic halls are situated in the U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Disciples include professionals in the computer industry, physicians, real estate brokers, engineers, university professors, businessmen, and even politicians some of whom have traveled long distances to study Buddhism under Master Lee.

    • At present, Forshang disciples in Taiwan already number more than a hundred thousand people among which four or five thousand have already been initiated. They all come from different professions. Nearly all the managerial executives in all the foreign capital funded banks of Taiwan have taken refuge in Master Lee. In addition, people having taken refuge in him include many of the physicians and nurses of The Taiwan University Hospital, The Veteran’s General Hospital, and The Yang Ming Hospital, government officials, university professors, teachers in all levels of schools, attorneys, architects, Data processing professionals, businessmen and politicians. Moreover, even Rinpochi of Tibetan Buddhism and some disciples of the open schools have also taken refuge in Master Lee. In order to accommodate the increasing number of followers, the Forshang Buddhism headquarters in Taipei has established three ritualistic halls in Taipei for preaching and more branches and ritualistic halls in the north , the center, and south of Taiwan have already been established and are still in expansion.

    • In July, 1997 Master Lee was invited to become the Honorary Dean of the Graduate School of the Modern Management of Business Administration of Tsinan University, Shantung Province, China. Master Lee was also invited to lecture on Business in the Shantung Industrial University and the Tsingtao University, addressing on the Modern philosophy of Business Administration of the 21st century - a topic of special interest.

    • On May 27, 1998, Master Lee was granted the position of Honorary Advisor of the International Olympic Committee Member’s Office in Chinese Taipei for his contribution to the worldwide propagation of athletic activities, which will also be the common goal that he and IOC will join in achieving for the future.


    Activities Undertaken In Recent Years


    • Since 1992 the stately "Forshang Buddhism Hua-Yen Spiritual Meeting" has been set to be held twice a year. Spiritual meetings are also held in Los Angeles and San Francisco, U.S. and Toronto and Vancouver, Canada and Japan. The thousands of attendees who overcrowded the place of meeting became the focus of wide press attention.

    • There are annual schedules for cultural activities, such as the "Exhibition of One Hundred Human Holy Relics", the "Exhibition of One Hundred Animal Holy Relics", the "Buddhist Cultural Products Exhibition", the "Festival of Childhood Innocence and Free Clinic of Chinese Medicine", etc. Not only did these activities arouse echoes among people, but they also invited competitive press releases from all major media. (1994-1998)

    • Since 1994 Master Lee of Forshang Buddhism has participated in sponsoring sport teams that are in need, including the financial support granted to the Russian and the Outer Mongolian bicycle race teams, in an attempt to create a social awareness for fitness.

    • The annual election and public recommendation of outstanding social welfare organizations for the purpose of inspiring the public concern and awareness for the harmony of society. The organizations that were elected include The Joyful Wish Association, The Good Shepherd Foundation of Catholicism, The Home of stray Dogs, The門諾Christian Hospital, The "Shoes" Children Experimental Theater, The Taipei Traffic Patrol Division, Taipei Woman’s Social Welfare Services Foundation, etc.

    • Master Lee of Forshang Buddhism has collaborated with Professor Szu-tsen Lee, leader of the study of Biological energy at the National Science Council of O.C., in studying the correlation between Chi Kung and the resulting changes in brain waves. (1995)

    • Since Forshang Buddhism was founded, a schedule was set for the publications of Master Lee’s writings: The Statement of Dharma Nature and The Collections of Testimonies, which are very touching accounts by students who actually experienced the various real-life effects of their Buddhist practice. There are currently fourteen books that are published.

    • Master Lee of Forshang Buddhism sponsored the musical pieces - "Narcissus" and "Snow Lily" composed by Musician Peter Faun, to be performed initially in Moscow (by the Russian Federal Orchestra). These musical pieces are also the first pieces performed in Russia composed by a Chinese musician . Peter Faun was consequently granted an honorary doctorate by the Ukraine College of Music. (1997. 1)

    • In January, 1997 Master Lee was invited to lecture in the Taiwan University, which was well known to have the best academic environment. This caused a great excitement in academic field. Through the influence of this event, seminars were held weekly in many other universities, including the University of Chinese Culture.

    • Undertaken jointly with Veteran’s General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan and the Graduate School of Pharmacology of Yang Ming University, medical research on the "Influence Of the Art Of Zen And Meditation On Brain Blood Flow And The Autonomic Nervous System" has been released in Taiwan and in America, arousing enthusiastic discussion and amazement in the domestic and international medical field. The study found that a person who practices meditation has better biological functions and control of the brain’s blood flow than a non-practitioner. These data obtained in research will greatly benefit the medical study on the clinical application. (1997. 3)

    • Master Lee of Forshang Buddhism organized and sponsored the "Golden Book Award," an event that is the first of its kind held in Taiwan for the reader’s vote of the best religious books. This activity acquired enthusiastic reverberations arousing a new trend of the reading of religious books in Taiwan. (1997. 6)

    • Invited by UCLA in the U.S., Master Lee lectured on topics of special interest and was heartily welcomed by the local academic circle. (1997. 6)

    • In order to exalt the unique Chinese cultural tradition - XiangQi, Master Lee of Forshang Buddhism organizes and sponsors the "Forshang Cup" World XiangQi Championship which is the largest ever in both scope and its stake. A preliminary contest was first held in Taiwan in 1996 in order to select the specially invited competitors. In September, 1997 the First Annual "Forshang Cup" World XiangQi Championship was held in the U.S. Twenty five countries from Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australia participated in the contest generated international excitement. This grand contest will be held annually in different countries throughout the world. (1997. 9)

    • Master Lee of Forshang Buddhism sponsored the global premiere of Peter Faun’s ballet music: "Snow Lily," conducted by the Russian Federal Orchestra and Moscow Ballet. The performance was highly acclaimed by the musicians in Moscow. (1997. 10)

    • In February, 1998, CDs of Peter Faun’s ballet music: "Snow Lily," the live recording of the world premiere in Moscow were released and deeply adored by musicians and music appreciators of different countries.

    • In June, 1998 CDs and tapes of the Buddhist orchestral music were released: "Nine Word Zen Sound Dharani", "Da Zi Zai Wan Fo Hymn", "Happy Dharma Seekers", composed by Master Lee, arranged by Peter Faun, and conducted by the Taipei Century Orchestra.

    • In June, 1998 miscellaneous essays by Peter Faun were compiled into four books and published in Taiwan ,Canada,America . Those four books are Various thoughts by Peter Faun on Studying Buddhism Volume I, & II and Various thoughts by Peter Faun on Religion and Mythology Volume I, & II.


    Religious Writings

    Since Forshang Buddhism was founded, a schedule was set for the publications of Master Lee's writings: The Statement of Dharma Nature and The Collections of Testimonies, which are very touching accounts by students who actually experienced the various real-life effects of their Buddhist practice. There are currently fourteen books that are published.


    The Statement Of Dharma Nature Series

    It is a masterpiece by Master Lee, the third Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism, based on his own personal achievements in cultivation. Of the thirty-six chapters each scheduled to be published one year at a time, seven chapters have been published.

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (1) The Harmonious Integration Of All Forms

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (2) The Land Of Perpetual Peace And Glory

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (3) The Profound And Miraculous Nature Of The Spiritual Body

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (4) The Great Path To Liberation

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (5) The Dharma Succession Of The Patriarch

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (6) The Mental Seal Of A Bodhisattva

    • The Statement Of Dharma Nature (7) The Eight Stages Of Mental Cultivation


    The Supreme Hua-Yen Series

    Abstracts of the instructions of Master Lee, the third Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism, on Buddhist sutras in the mental doctrine classes. The following are the books that have been published:

    • The Supreme Hua-Yen Diamond Sutra

    • The Supreme Hua-Yen Perfect Enlightenment/Lotus Sutra I

    • The Supreme Hua-Yen Wei-Mo-Chieh (Vimalakirtei-nirdesa) Sutra I


    The Absolute Forshang Series

    Written personally by Master Lee, the third Patriarch of Forshang Buddhism, these stories tell the establishment of Forshang Buddhism Da Yuan Association and its preaching activities throughout the world.

    • The Hints Of Buddha And The Impressions On The Mind

    • The Union Of Body And Mind

    • The Absolute Forshang Series: The Calling Of The Pureland

    • The Absolute Forshang Series: The Path To Buddha Nature

    • The Absolute Forshang Series: The Entrance To The Great Way


    The Great Fortune of Life and Death

    Based on his own personal achievements in cultivation, Master Lee discusses profoundly in everyday language all the fascinating areas related to life, death, dream, etc. The first chapter has been published.



    • Science fiction: Heaven, Earth, and the Cross, began on August 30, 1997 and published in the magazine - The World of Forshang.

    • The Zen style Neo-classical Kung-Fu novel: The World of the Frozen Wind began on Dec. 17, 1998 and was published in the magazine - The World of Forshang, as well as in all the editions of the Central daily News worldwide in the essay section since April 1, 1999.


    Music Works

    • “Da Zi Zai Wan Fo Hymn”: composed toward the end of 1989 at Yen-Che Street in the early stage.

    • “Nine Word Zen Sound Dharani”: composed after the earthly completion of the second Patriarch Yuan Dao Bodhisattva in August, 1993.

    • “Happy Dharma Seekers”: composed by Lake Louise in Canada on September 4, 1997 and first sung by the 4th secluded meditation group.

    • “The Patriarch Suite: A Memoir of A Great Man of Religion”: in memory of the second Patriarch and the tenth anniversary of Forshang Buddhism. Master Lee created ten special piano pieces from January till April, 1999.

    • “The Patriarch Suite: The King Series”: this second suite was begun at the end of April, 1999.


    Master Lee has been engaged in the worldly orientation of Buddhism, the daily practicability of Buddhistic doctrine, the scientific approach of Buddhistic study, and the modernization of the Buddhistic system. Not only does his preaching activities cover the teaching of Forshang doctrines, but also extends to include the various fields of medicine, science, art, culture, economy, and diplomacy.

    Recite the above Nine Word Zen Prayer
    to unite with the universal energy.