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A Brief Introduction of 

Forshang Buddhism World Center


The Origin of Forshang Buddhism

Forshang Buddhism is the revelation of Buddha-nature, founded by the Venerable Master Miao Kung Bodhisattva and succeeding Master Yuan Dao Bodhisattva in the early stage of the Republic of China, revering Da Zi Zai Wan Fo (the origin of Buddha-nature )as the Originator.

Forshang Buddhism delivers the ultimate and perfect doctrines that lead to union of body and mind, to attain supreme enlightenment in the present life.

Incarnated from Spiritual Buddha, Miao Kung Bodhisattva pioneered to unveil the Forshang Buddhism doctrines to the world, to relief all people from sufferings.

Well-known in Southern China to perform innumerable miracles, after fulfilling his manifestation, Miao Kung Bodhisattva returned to the land of perpetual peace and glory in 1950.

As the only disciple, Yuan Dao Bodhisattva carried on the holy order that which Miao Kung Bodhisattva handed down.

Yuan Dao Bodhisattva was initiated at the age of 14, after twenty years of unrelenting dedication, he became enlightened in 1956, wholeheartedly preaching the Forshang Buddhism doctrines to the full extent ever since. Before passing into Nirvana on August 11 1993, he chose among disciples around the world Sun-Don Lee as the successor and appointed him Master of the third generation.


The Development


Under the instruction of Yuan Dao Bodhisattva, Master Sun-Don Lee founded the Forshang Buddhism World Center in March 1989. Like the Masters before him, Master Lee too is devoted to enabling the whole world to enjoy the benediction of Forshang Buddhism.

The Forshang Buddhism World Center is located in Taipei, with branches at Central and Southern Taiwan, in the United States (Los Angles, San Francisco, Hawaii), Canada (Toronto, Vancouver), and Japan. In ten years' time, hundred of thousands of followers and disciples around the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia benefit through these channels.


Forshang Buddhism Preaching Principles


The sole purpose of the preachment of Forshang Buddhism is to awaken the human beings to have the right insight into life.

Buddhism doctrines can lead the human life to perfect harmony. Its immense capacity covers the entire infinite beings in all dimensions; its unfathomable depth can even alter the cause and effect of past, present and future life. Hence the propagation has to be total and complete, following the Four Principles of Preachment

The Worldly Orientation of Buddhism
The Daily Practicability of Buddhist Doctrines
The Scientific Approach of Buddhist Study
The Modernization of Buddhist System

Forshang Buddhism preachment has advanced far beyond into all levels of life. With its board scope and verified doctrines, opens the gate to raise the human life and civilization into a new horizon.

Yuan Dao Bodhisattva had stated very clearly that "Forshang Buddhism dawns the new era of the human civilization." Its implementation depends upon broadening human beings' perspective of life to the perspective of entire universe. A fulfilling and correct vision of life thus established leads to transforming the world into a pure land.


The Forshang Path

Forshang Buddhism cultivation courses teach the ultimate, perfect and speedy doctrines that lead to the union of the body and mind, and help to attain achievement in the present life. As an inseparable whole, it can be understood as the very heart of Buddha, respectively, there are 9 stages of physical cultivation and 8 stages of mental cultivation.

The eight stages of mental cultivation are as follows:

The 1st stage --    Correspondence with Circumstances

The 2nd stage --    Enlightenment

The 3rd stage --    Manifestation

The 4th stage --    Transformation

The 5th stage --    Without Utilization

The 6th stage --    Achieving Pure Land

The 7th stage --    Supreme Enlightenment

The 8th stage --    Da Zi Zai


The nine stages of physical cultivation are as follows:

The 1st stage --     Art of Harmony

The 2nd stage --     Art of Use of Force

The 3rd stage --     Art of Use of Chi

The 4th stage --     Art of Use of Mind

The 5th stage --     Art of Use Without Will

The 6th stage --     Art of Use Space

The 7th stage --     Art of Use Energy

The 8th stage --     Art of Supreme Enlightenment

The 9th stage --      Art of Da Zi Zai


The Courses

        Fundamental Cultivation

Primary Class, 
Intermediate Class, 
Advance Class I, and II


        Exertion of Buddha Nature

Science of Human life I, II

        Path to Enlightenment:

Classes of Conscious Innovation

Forshang Buddhism Cultivation is for one's inner testification, which is beyond word, and not for outward seeking. It emphasized the integration of ten great characters of Buddha nature, which are: " the Integration of Essence and Form", "the Balance of Wisdom and Virtue", "the Harmony of Principle and Practice", "the Utilization of Energy and Effect", and "the Unity of Time and Space'. One can achieve an instantaneous accordance with the Dharma nature, the essence of Buddhism doctrines, and to attain of Buddhahood in the present life.


The Expedient Doctrines

Considering the unavoidable obstacles on the path of evolution, that prevent many people from self-transformation, Master Lee present the following Expedient Doctrines as the convenient help, to reduce the hindrance so that everyone can have a better chance to realize Buddha nature endowment.

Forshang Lamp:   The Forshang Lamp is empowered by Master Lee's personal achievement, those who lighten the Lamp is immersed in the light of Bun Schi Da Zi Zai Wan Fo and all the Buddha and Bodhisattva, thus bring about a peaceful body and mind as well as benediction and wisdom.

Forshang Rice:  Under the practice of "Samadhi of Immortality of Da Zi Zai Pure Land", Master Lee empower immense energy into ordinary rice, when applied to the deceased, holy relics will appear after cremation, indicating that the deceased ascend to the pure land. The crystallized holy relic dates from Shakyamuni 2500 years ago, is the acknowledged symbol of immortality.

Forshang Water:  Master Lee activate the intrinsic mental energy in deep meditation to implement the "The Samadhi of Da Zi Zai Purification Water". Countless people have enjoyed the miraculous effects in many worldly matters, it is considered to be one of the Forshang treasures.

Forshang Empowerment Doctrine:  By practicing the "Forshang Empowerment Doctrine" Master Lee conduct consecration to rosary, Buddha statue, etc., to transmit immeasurable blessing of all the Buddha and Bodhisattva.

Da Zi Zai Wan Fo Buddha Statue:  Every Da Zi Zai Wan Fo Buddha Statue was carved with expertise, also under the supervision of Master Lee in person. After empowerment by Master Lee, all the Buddha statues fully possess the inconceivable effects of great merit, great blessing and great wisdom.

Forshang Music:  The "Forshang Dharma Music" CD and tapes composed and produced by Master Lee, are the Sound Dharani of all the Buddha and Bodhisattva, the sound wave and vibration can purify the energy field and inspire the inner nature.

Forshang Testification Books:  The testification book series includes Master Lee's "the Statement of Dharma Nature", "the Supreme Hwa-Yen Series", "the Absolute Forshang Series" and "the Collection of Testimonies Series". Readers can acquaint themselves with Forshang Buddhism preaching, disciples' transformation and learning experiences.


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