The Scientific Approach to Buddhist Study -- Cosmology (4)


The Enigma of Time and Space --

The Scientific Perspectives on Space-time Conversion



Lecturer/Sun-Don Lee (Leader of Forshang Buddhism)

Compiler/ Jen-Kou ChouResident Instructor of Forshang Buddhism World Center, San Francisco Branch / Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University

Translator/Helena Chou (Resident Instructor of Forshang Buddhism World Center, LA Branch)



            Yuan-Dao Kuan-Yin Temple, the only and the absolute Primary Patriarch Temple in this earthly world, was formally established on August 6, 2000 in the Foundation Ceremony.  The statues of Da Zi Zai Wan Fo, four major Bodhisattvas, and Patriarch Yuan-Dao Bodhisattva were founded in this elegant Tang-style construction, which is magnificent in spirit.  It is appropriate to describe the temple in Master Lee’s words: This is a scene found only in the land of perpetual peace and glory; it can be concluded in these words - “infinity and perfection.”  It is really awesome, and fills every heart with compassion.



The Land of Perpetual Peace and Glory –

The Space-time Conversion of the Primary Patriarch Temple


Master Lee once instructed:

This Primary Patriarch Temple represents many series of causation.  For example, one of them is that “it shall become the ninth greatest extraordinary scene of humankind.”  “It is erected on doctrines.  Its greatest and most inconceivable characteristic is that “it shall be the absolute one in this earthly world.”  Since it is the absolute one, it symbolizes the accordance with the Primary Patriarch and the Buddha nature.  In 2016, you shall see its various inconceivability.”

            For example, the entire Primary Patriarch Temple will vanish, appear, vanish again and reappear in front of thousands of people’s eyes.  It is structured on the ten great characters, and full of energy.  When you look from the outside, it looks like a certain thing; however, when you walk to the inside, it turns into something else and disappears.  Or to put in other words, after you enter, what you see is the pureland exactly as Sakyamuni Buddha described.  Everything is tangible.  The entire image is not an illusion or imagination, nor laser projection, but reality.  This is because we have made it the linking point of energies.  Another example, when you meditate or concentrate in there, you will see infinite Buddhas preaching in the past, present and future with your naked eyes.  You will also see the situation when Sakyamuni Buddha attained Buddhahood under the Bodhi tree, when he first turned the Dharma wheels, and various other situations.




Figure 1. The Primary Patriarch Temple of Forshang Buddhism will vanish and reappear in front of thousands of people’s eyes one day in the future. the future.












            We also know that the Lotus Sutra mentions that Sakyamuni Buddha, having taught infinite doctrines, entered the meditation for three short kalpas.  In the objective time of the earth, he is still meditating.  While he was preaching the Lotus Sutra, the time he spent on waiting for all Bodhisattvas to spring up was ten kalpas.  Wow!  It took ten kalpas for all of them to appear!  To listen to him preaching, they have to wait for him to take three short kalpas meditation.  Though time is so long, Buddha has changed with his supernatural powers the objectively long time into the subjective time of a short half-day period in this world.  It is only a matter of space-time conversion from objectivity to subjectivity.

            So, how much time has Sakyamuni Buddha spent on preaching the “Lotus Sutra?”  He would preach for three kalpas, hundreds of thousands of years.  He has not yet finished his preaching!  In the objective time of the earth, Sakyamuni Buddha has been preaching the Lotus Sutra in India for more than just two thousand years only.  He is still preaching even now.  Indeed he is.  If your practice has reached a certain level, you can go back and see that he is still preaching.  It is just because of the “space-time differentiation” that you would not be able to see.  In fact, he is still preaching.  It is said in the Sutra clearly.  It takes him three kalpas to finish preaching the Lotus Sutra!

            As for space, since the time when Sakyamuni Buddha attained Buddhahood till now, we have come to know that Wei-Mo-Chieh’s house can accommodate millions of beings.  That house is in the unity of time and space, full of energy.  What I do is just create a same situation in here.  Nothing much.  It is not my original idea.  Wei-Mo-Chieh has already done it in his days.  I apply the doctrines of the eight stages of mental cultivation in the real world and create an energy field that can accommodate many constructions and objects.  It is not even as far out as his accommodating millions of beings!


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s instructions in 6/22/91 and 8/27/96 mental doctrine classes)



Figure 2. Wei-Mo-Chieh’s house can accommodate millions of beings, because that house is in the unity of time and space.
















The Scientific Perspective of Time-space Conversion–


In this very space (the earth) in which we live, there are numerous multiple spaces.  The thing is that the energy structures of those spaces make them undetectable to your naked eyes.  You may be existing in those spaces but you are totally unaware of it.  Do you understand what I mean?  Different energy configuration can make things disappear.  Things can actually exist in a place that is beyond your vision and physical touch.  We are simply not aware that we are actually moving in multiple spaces.  It is not unusual that we may accidentally enter and leave some other space without knowing it.  


            The revolution of the earth is 360 degrees.  Each longitude in every 36 degrees coincides with an energy variation in space.  To add in the South Pole and the North Pole, there are altogether twelve places that have an extraordinary energy field.  Bermuda is the most known to people.  Why is that?  First of all, we have to ask a question: why did the earth tilt for 23.5 degrees tens of thousands of years ago?  Then, the next question we should ask is how the earth could possibly have a satellite as big as the moon.  It is quite bizarre.  The most unfitting thing is the 23.5 degrees tilt of the earth.  Such a structure has created extraordinary energy fields in twelve different places, especially the Bermuda Triangle.  To count in 36 degrees from that point on, we will, I think, come across ChengTu Plain, Himalaya Mountains, Pyramid in Egypt, Easter Island, Maya in the South America, and then the U.S again. 


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s instructions in 12/3/98 mental doctrine class)




Figure 3. The 23.5 degrees tilt of the earth has created extraordinary energy fields in twelve different places of the globe.














            We can also look at it in terms of the “energy” of the “great space”.  The energy of the great space may be manifested into any form.  Thus, any space is unstable and changing with the only issue being whether the change is big or small.  Let’s take this site of ritual for example.  It seems to remain the same; however, as a matter of fact, the electrons and energy change with every moment.  Most people would not sense with enough subtlety the inconceivable exertion and changes happening in this space.  Though we try to understand this concept from the perspective of Buddhist doctrine, we do not need to turn the ten great characters into a complicated animal.  Things are much comprehensible as long as you understand that the great energy of the great space would create various great practice and great form.


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s 10/3/98 class instructions at the Los Angeles Branch in the U.S.)


            It is just that the energy field in some particular spaces is especially extraordinary and tremendous.  Those are the spaces we call “Space-time zone” where one disappears upon accidental intrusion.  The more well-known example is the previously-mentioned Bermuda Triangle, right?  Besides, there have been more such places like Tao-Yuan-Ming’s Peach Blossom Utopia, Shangri-La of the Himalayas, etc., since ancient times.  We may accidentally enter the energy field of such a space (Space-time zone) if it happens to open up or if our own energy waves agree with its energy wave in that particular time and space. 


            Therefore, the penetration of time and space has a lot to do with your own internal energy waves.  The more uninterrupted and refined our energy is, the easier it is to break through time and space.  From simply talking about the physical cultivation of Forshang Buddhism, we feel that the Chi vibrations happening in meditation during earlier stages are less refined, right?  In the gradual process of cultivation, as the Chi vibrations get more continual and refined, they also get less obvious on the outside, and become internal vibrations.


            One of the preaching principles of Forshang Buddhism is “the scientific approach to Buddhist study.”  The scientific development of humankind has already reached its highest point, for example, in the study and the understanding of the structure of the universe there will be no way to make any further progress.  Even in another ten thousand years there will be no breakthrough.  If we do hope to break through, where do we make that breakthrough?  We can only make a breakthrough on humans.  Only when the human spirits, the Buddha nature, and the real wisdom are inspired, could the breakthrough on the scientific theories of phenomena (material form) be realized.


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s instructions in 12/3/98 mental doctrine class)




Figure 4. It is immensely related to the special locality in the ‘Space-time zone’ that one disappears upon accidental intrusion in Bermuda Triangle.









Figure 5. The generation of Pyramid in Egypt is in close relation to its special locality in the globe.








Figure 6. The vanished Maya culture, also, arose in an extraordinary ‘Space-time zone’.












1.The Field Theory of Space-time Unification


            The universe is originated from the fluctuation of energy.  As every life (or being) in every universe gives rise to various thoughts (will power), the energy waves change accordingly and therefore create different states of being (forms).  Therefore, the entire universe is a phenomenon of pulse.  Today’s most advanced scientific theory – super string theory assumes that the basic particle moves in certain acceptable oscillating waves.  This theory has both good points and incomplete points as well.  It is incomplete in that it provides no real understanding of the six basic “forces.”  The four kinds of forces – gravity, electro-magnetic force, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, already recognized in physics, need to be further unified and the work is not yet done!  There must be six kinds of forces and only four kinds are found so far.  There must be two additional ones to make the grand unified theory.  First of all, we humans should examine the creation of force: Is it derived from the information transmission among basic particles (such as electrons, quarks, etc.)?  Does it go through any medium?  Is there any object that could affect as well as be affected?  What is the phenomenon of the effect?  In a deeper sense, does this force exist naturally without any material form?  In the understanding of the origination and condition of force, humans only have a concept of the basic particle of material forms (reference 1) and therefore only the previously mentioned four kinds of forces are sought and the grand unified field theory cannot be completed.  The other two kinds of the unknown forces come from the spiritual field.  The first one is called “causation and karma” in Buddhism, which is formless but exists,

not allowing examination by any instrument in so far as the human technologies for the time being are concerned.  However, if human makes further insightful scientific development for another three or five hundred years, this force could be justified and we would find out, when any of our thoughts are occurring, what kind of energy will possibly be thus rendered and what kind of phenomena will be developed.  All of these can be calculated by the most advanced computer, and it is just a function that today’s computer technology cannot provide.  The other force that corresponds to the causation and karma is the “force of the pitying vow” - the force of goodness and wisdom.  When you take a pitying vow, the power thus rendered creates the universe waves, vibrations, effects and phenomena beyond human’s comprehension.


            Therefore, many achievements attained in Buddhist practice, which are known to break through physical limitations, are derived from the spiritual field, which is beyond the understanding of the modern science based on the physical field.  It is essential to realize that the physical field and the spiritual field are two sides of a coin.  Humans have put too much emphasis on the studies of the physical field.  Many phenomena could be calculated if we could just have more advanced instruments, a more inclusive attitude, and a brand new way of thinking.  If these calculations are not possible, how could Buddha and Bodhisattvas possibly know what will happen in the future?  As long as our will powers accord with Buddha and Bodhisattvas, you are them, having the same power as they do.  For instance, Buddha and Bodhisattvas are around you; yet, you usually do not feel anything.  They can be anywhere in the universe.  How infinite their forces are!  They do not exist in any material forms in any realm (dimension), nevertheless, they can exist simultaneously in any universe, any dimension, any place, in your internal and external world.  This is the field theory of the L-Particle. (reference 2)


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s 5/11/99 instructions in the 66th term mental doctrine class)




Figure 7. ChengTu Plain in Szuchuan, Mainland China, is the cultural center of the last human generation.









2.The Energy Theory of Space-time Unification


            In physics, there are the past,    the present and the future in time; up and down, left and right, front and back in space (that is, x, y, z reference direction).  Therefore, in a reference frame, the relative position, speed of an event and the absolute light speed are the most important parameters, upon which the theory of relativity is based.  In this reference frame, space and time will warp in the condition of extreme gravity distortion.  As a result, everything seems to be relative and there is no absolute reference value or reference direction.  Is this correct?  Of course this is not correct.  There is still absolute index, that is, the Dharma nature, the Buddha nature, or the energy zeroing concept.


Let’s talk about this concept in two aspects:


            One aspect is the internal world.  As for a Dharma seeker, there is only one direction, that is, the fulfillment of compassion, which extends in all the directions.  Once a Dharma seeker enters the Dharma nature, his directions are united with all the directions, that is the meaning of “the mind is united with the universe.”  Thus, his reference direction is not our usual direction of East, West, North and South.  All the directions point at compassion, the entire universe, and the entire universe is his field of ritual. 


Another aspect is the external world.  In the scientific point of view, is there after all an absolute or a relative reference in the distorted time and space?  Yes, there is!  In human cosmology, even if the number of stars is infinite, it seems we can still divide them into East, West, North and South.  However, the stars that we perceive are spheres.  It is not right that we turn them into planes and divide them into four directions.  From the universal perspective, the determination of an absolute direction is based upon the determination of the energy.  All the exertion of time and space has to be based upon the calculation of energy from one point to another. 


            In human mathematics, as M21, M could be 1 or -1however, what the great cosmic macro-mathematics tells you is different. (reference 1)  As M21, 1 and –1 are in the same standing as 0.  Therefore, 2 and –2 are also the same in the same standing.  Consequently, M2 equals 1, or 2, or as well.  Likewise, today, which is June 12, equals June 11, and June 10 as well.


            In great cosmic macro-mathematics, the distance from 0 to any other number is equal.  Then, what is its reference frame?  The absolute reference frame is the 0 point of the universal energy.  It calculates any energy pulse.  There may be ten billions of light speed from one star to another, then we calculate first how many pulses we will go through in the process before reaching the other star.  How many energy points are there?  Let all these energies offset to become 0, when the energy is 0, time is 0 and space is 0.  In that case, one can disappear from here and reappear from there without hardly any time difference.


            This is the scientific understanding of reincarnation.  Someone’s records of the energy field of karma can be offset to zero when he finds a place of the corresponding energy field in the universe upon his death.  When the energy is 0, he appears!  The state of Buddha is the infinite energy.  His energy equals the entire universal energy.  When Buddha enters Nirvana, he is united with the universe.  Therefore, whether it is the reincarnation or a space ship in the universe, the equality of energy field is the key to break through the limitations of time and space.  


 (Excerpted from the 6/12/99 LA-TPE ISDN class)




Figure 8. Easter Island, also, is one of the twelve places with an extraordinary energy field.











            Therefore, time is space and space is energy as well.  Though the absolute speed of light recognized by modern science is related to time, space and energy, from the perspective of the material forms, it actually causes obstacles to penetrating time and space.  Let’s look at an example on how to penetrate time and space barrier:


            You stand on the earth today and the things that are happening in every moment are things that are happening in the present.  Looking at the earth from a distance of ten billion light years, what you see are things that have happened ten billion years ago. 



            You have supernatural powers and you are in deep meditation.  In a second you have penetrated all of space and reached the star ten billion light years afar.  Then, you know everything in the entire galaxy that has ever happened in that ten billion years.  When you arrive there, the time is local.  Then, where are the lost ten billion light years in the middle?


            These ten billion light years are space.  When you penetrate this space, you go through all the things in those ten billion light years.  You only need less than a second, if you enter deep meditation, to enter that space and that situation and you will know all things in those ten billion light years.  You have to have this concept in mind at first to be able to understand that the theory of the origin of the universe we Forshang Buddhism brings out is exactly a scientific theory.  The big bang theory we have today is only a tiny bit of the true theory of the origin of the universe.


            “The universe is progressive.” is a statement that stands only because humans cannot break through the limitations of time and space, and observe only over a distance.  Once you enter deep meditation, and your mind is united with the universe, the past, the present and the future of the entire universe exist in you without any distance in space.  Since there is no distance in space, you can watch things of ten billion years ago from the space of ten billion light years in distance.  In the meantime, you can also watch things that are happening at the present space.  All of these agree with some modern scientific theories.  The more advanced the science is, the more exciting Forshang Buddhism becomes! 


            Based on Master Lee’s theory of the unity of time and space, we could further deduce from Einstein’s theory of relativity that “all events, theoretically, should be united in time and space, and exist simultaneously.  All changes that happen in the non-differentiated space can only be observed through the differences derived from the speed of light.  The difference in space derived from the finite speed of light results in time.”  But Einstein’s theory of relativity is not complete in that aspect.  Three years ago, Steven Hawkins in University of Cambridge concludes that eternity is an instant and an instant is eternity.


            The time behind eternity as we understand it is actually closer to the present.  The concept of time and space is more like the water pipe.  Time moves in a circle and space moves like a pipe.  The axis, just like those we drew before, is not linear but circular.  The final conclusion is that every instant is an access to eternity in the future; every eternity is ultimately an instant.  Therefore, eternity is an instant and an instant is eternity.  We have already said that before, right?


            Therefore, there is no scientific ground for the scientific theory of the universe being progressive.  In fact, the universe is united, but not progressive.  What you see from ten billion light years away about this star are things of the ten billion years before.  However, when you enter the deep meditation to reach that star, you know everything in those ten billion years at the same time.  Therefore, difference in time and space happens because humans are not yet able to unite their own internal world with the external world. 


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s 9/9/96 instructions in the 46th mental doctrine class)




Figure 9. Himalaya Mountains are not only the highest mountains in the world, but also have many space-time secrets concealed in them.



















            Let’s look at another example of time:


So, there is a problem on time and space that confuses most people:

            Suppose there is someone who lives in 1991 but went back to 1947 and died in 1947, when he was not even born yet.  Will his mother ever give then birth to him?  Does his 1991 self exist or not? 


            All these are problems about time and space.  These problems are so simple when we approach from the perspective of the ten great characters: essence, form, wisdom, virtue, principle, practice, energy, effect, time and space.  It is the unity of time and space in the end.  What is the unity of time and space?  That means no difference in time and space.  (In physics, no difference in time and space means that time is space.)


            You are born in Taiwan.  When you are thirty, you take a trip to the U.S.  You are killed in the U.S.  Then, do you exist in those thirty years before?  You still do, right?  O.K.  You live from 1961 till 1991, go back to 1947, and were killed!  Have you ever lived during those years before (1961 ~ 1991)?  Of course, yes. 


            You cannot figure out why because you take it as time, and your concept of time is sequential.  Now you replace it with space.  There is a space called Taiwan, which is also called “1991.”  The part in the U.S. is also called “1947.”  Time and space are united!  As a result, the you in Taiwan exists and the you in the U.S. died!


            This means that all the time indeed exists, just in different space.


            Right!  We just exchange time and space.  How do we do the empowerment over a long distance?  Someone is ill in the U.S.  How do you treat him when you are in Taiwan? Based on the concept that time and space are united, he calls you up.  You two have the same time, and therefore the same space as well, and therefore there is no space difference between you two.  Someone comes to you asking you to help him clear up his karma.  How can the karma from the past be cleared up?  When you two are together, space is the same and therefore time is the same, having no difference in the past time.  The first instance is for time being space and the latter instance is for space being time.  These are actually very simple stuff.  The theory of relativity, physics, or all the theories on time and space that human brains can think of are all very simple to Forshang Buddhism. 


 (Excerpted from Master Lee’s 5/4/91 lectures on the Wei-Mo-Chieh Sutra)


            Therefore, zeroing means, in terms of whichever aspects - time, space or energy, that the Buddha nature or the spiritual body turns any number (or the value of any time, space or energy) into himself (zeroing).  So, 0 × M = 0and M can be any number.  This is just like the way Buddha nature can turn any material forms into the Buddha nature (through cultivation to reunite with the essence – zero.)  This is also the meaning for the integration of existence and non-existence. 



Figure 10. The South Pole and the North Pole, although remote and uninhabited, constitute two of the twelve extraordinary ‘Space-time zone’ in the earth.







3.The Theory of Spiritual Body and Incarnation in Space-time Unification


            The statement, “Long kalpas turn into short kalpas; short kalpas turn into long kalpas” says that an instant can become infinite instants and infinite instants can be condensed into an instant.  That is to say, a thought in an instant can be widely spread to all time, while the infinite time can also be united by a thought in an instant.  The unity of time and space is in close relation to space.  Let’s take the earth for example, one of its revolution around the sun is a year.  When you get closer to look at its revolution, you are more united with time.  Therefore, a day of the earth is a day and 24 hours is 24 hours.


            However, when you are looking at the earth from a far away place, it revolves at a faster speed.  The further it gets; the smaller the sun and the earth becomes.  Because of the angle, the revolution happens very fast.  Suppose in one day it revolves a hundred rounds and one hundred years are over.  The only problem is that if you are away from it for a hundred light years, the light you see is the event and form of a hundred years before.  You run toward it quickly in light speed for a hundred years, but when you reach there, you are in the present time of that point.  Therefore, when you have reached the earth, what you see is still the present, but not the past a hundred years. 


            Then, why do Bodhisattvas know the past, the present and the future?  The main reason is in the spiritual body. 


            Suppose Mr. X at place A is able to see in an instant (light is not needed as a medium of transmission) what are going to happen to Mr. Y at place B a hundred years later.  As a person is not possible to stay in two different places at the same time, it still takes at least a hundred years even in light/electricity communication.  When these two persons get in touch, Mr. Y has already reached the future.  Suppose Mr. X can be at place A and B at the same time, then Mr. X1 at place A can inform Mr. X2 at place B of things that are going to happen at place B a hundred years later without any means of communication. 


            This can be done simply because of the spiritual body.  The spiritual body, in which the mind is united with the universe, can exist in different places simultaneously.  Wherever his incarnations are in this universe, he can see things in a hundred years in other universes in an instant, without any time difference.  Why can the accordance be felt everywhere when the mind is united with the universe?  When you have many incarnations in different universes, the farther away other universes are; the further you can reach into the past and the future of the earth.  Communication is not a problem between these two different places.  This is the scientific perspective of Bodhisattvas turning long kalpas into short kalpas and short kalpas into long kalpas.


            What science has not yet been able to break through is that one cannot be in several different stars.  Besides, the transmission of information cannot exceed light speed.  Even though you see things of a hundred years later in a star, it takes a hundred years to transmit the information to the other star.  There is no use for it.  These are the two major problems that have not yet been overcome in science, and have been considered to be impossible problems. 


            The concept of the unity of time and space, or the incessant turning of Dharma wheels, is related to the essence.  In Buddhist practice, because of the concepts of the spiritual body, the incarnation, the mind being united with the universe, the universal accordance can be attained.  This is also the reason why long kalpas can turn into short kalpas and short kalpas can turn into long kalpas. 


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s instructions in 7/15/99 mental doctrine class)



4.The Multiple Space-time Theory of the Space-time Unification


            The glimpses of UFOs from outer space have only momentarily been grasped by the most delicate of cameras or human’s naked eyes.  This is because at any point of the earth, infinite universes coexist.  Some UFOs that are flying in certain universes happen to be detected by us in an instant of Space-time warp but disappear in the next moment.


            We have previously mentioned that time is energy and space is also energy.  If you can create a Space-time machine, or the energy from your mind (or wisdom) exceeds the energy difference between two points from two different Space-time dimensions, you will find that the energy does not work based simply on the Euler geometric property that the shortest distance (energy demand) between two points is a straight line.  The accurate way is to follow the characteristics of Space-time zone: two points of time and space warp and overlap in a way that there is no more time and space.  Both time and space stop and have no difference.  Everything goes back to zero in the Buddha nature.  To put it simply, that is the unity of time and space.  The resulting speed of material form through mass-energy conversion in the form of energy or light in modern physics is still too slow because the form of light still cannot break through light speed.  It is of no use when light speed is not exceeded.  We have to apply the space-time distortion theory to exceed the limitations of time and space.  Only the internal power of compassion will do.  And the black holes among the celestial bodies in the universe have certain similar conditions and functions. 


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s 7/15/99 instructions in the 1st term mental doctrine class)


            The gravity, density of a black hole is so high that even light will be absorbed into it.  This is a very basic knowledge in science, right?  Light is time; that light can be absorbed means that time can be absorbed.  Today’s most advanced scientific theory of humankind considers that time in the black hole warps.  As light can be absorbed and distorted in the black hole, the time distortion, which is just the space distortion, can happen in the black hole.


Time is space, right?  Therefore, in the black hole, space can also be distorted.  Therefore, they assume that through the black hole we can reach another universe, and the points through which we go are called the “worm holes.”  There are no problems on these concepts, right?


O.K.  The gravity of the black hole is so high that light can be absorbed and distorted.  If light can be absorbed, that means time can be absorbed and distorted in there.  Time is also space.  If time can be absorbed, space can also be absorbed and distorted in there. 


(Excerpted from Master Lee’s 7/5/98 class instructions at Los Angeles Branch in the U.S.)



Figure 11. Once you enter deep meditation, and your mind is united with the universe, the past, the present and the future of the entire universe exist in you without any distance in space.  That’s why you could know everything at the same time.






1. Weinberg, Steven (1999) A unified Physics by 2050?, Scientific American, Dec. 1999

2. Lee, Sun-Don (2000) The Scientific Approach to Buddhist Study – Mathematical Principle (3)  The Utmost Physics: Constitute the Great Cosmic Macro-Mathematics based on L-Particle, The World of Forshang, No.24










Recite the above Nine Word Zen Prayer
to unite with the universal energy.