The Scientific Approach to Buddhist study-- Principle of Universe (II)

The Mystery of Life of the Black Hole and the Galaxy

Lecturer/Sun-Don Lee(Leader of Forshang Buddhism)
Compiler/Li-Kang Ho (Director, Department and Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University)
Translator/Helena Chou (Resident Instructor of Forshang Buddhism World Center, LA Branch)

     The wide spreading of the Internet and computer expedites the development of human technologies and civilization. However, today's technology still cannot solve many problems of the human race! Where do humans come from? Where are they headed? What is the purpose of life? Are humans, as some biologists said, nothing more than the genetically formed products of evolution? How big is the universe? Are there aliens or other life outside Earth? Can plants feel? Can they communicate? How broad? How far? Does outer space have anything to do with our fate? What principle is Feng Shui based upon? Even though modern physics is advancing at a fast pace, there are still many phenomena and happenings in the three-dimensional world we humans live that remain unexplained, or unsatisfactorily explained.

     Why does it rain? How can tornadoes gather such tremendous energy in such a short period of time? Apples drop to the ground while the moon rests in the sky. Newton thus discovered "Law of gravity" while attempting to explain equilibrium and suspension in the solar system. However, the astronomical phenomena later discovered caused confusion and concern. If by any chance a comet collides with the earth and the resulting chain reaction breaks the delicate equilibrium, then the human race may be entirely wiped out from the earth. What is more, the black hole sucks everything into itself and plays an important role in gravitational equilibrium; however, we do not know much about it except that many laws in physics do not apply in it. Is the universe in expansion or contraction? Or is it flat and stable? In addition to the typical fame and fortune, bread and butter, many more things seem to concern us.

     More than two thousand years ago, the Buddha had already addressed and taught on many of problems just mentioned. All beings have the Buddha nature, which is unlimited in power; therefore, all things in this world resulted from the infinite possibilities. In other words, they are all forms transformed from Buddha nature. Then, do plants have thought processes? The Buddha did not say a word on that point in consideration of the social situations of the time. However, based on today's existing evidence and the concept that all beings have the Buddha nature, plants do indeed have thought processes which is something scientists still cannot fully understand. As Forshang Buddhism says that there is "reincarnation within eight kingdoms," then do minerals have thought processes? Can they reproduce themselves? What on earth are the three thousand great chiliocosms? How big is our universe? Is there a boundary to it? Where is the HsuMi Mountain written about in Buddhist sutras? How big is it? The Buddha did not say anything explicitly and all the saints in the past two thousand years or so also addressed these questions only according to the times but none truly explained the answers to the questions.

     Master Sun-Don Lee of Forshang Buddhism, in answer to his student's questions, disclosed the mystery of the universe with regard to the above mentioned points. The transcript of questions and answers are compiled and edited as follows.

HsuMi Mountain -- The Center of The Galaxy

Student: Master, you have instructed on the thirty three heavens, worm hole, black hole, etc. (see The World of Forshang magazine No.17, p120). May I ask Master what the three thousand great chiliocosms are? Where is the HsuMi Mountain? How does it look like? The HsuMi Mountain is Buddha's pureland. The sutras state that thirty three heavens surround the HsuMi Mountain. Is the HsuMi Mountain indeed Buddha's pureland as it is said.

Figure A
The HsuMi Mountain (Sumeru) is the center of the Galaxy.
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Master: Chiliocosm refers to the universe we live in and this universe is a small universe. This small universe, as what science has understood, has about 15 billion light years of history. Outside of this, there are still infinite universes. HsuMi Mountain refers to the center of the galaxy. The galaxy looks to be spiral in shape but is actually a cylinder. HsuMi Mountain is the center of the cylindrical galaxy that is formed out of uneven gravity. (Figure A)

Student: The center of the galaxy? Then, is it not yet the center of the universe?

Master: HsuMi Mountain is the place where hundreds of billions of planets cluster. Collision is another way to look at it. The black hole splits out of uneven gravity. Collision occurs afterward. From the scientific perspective, HsuMi Mountain is in that position, the center of The galaxy, where the explosion originated. In this universe, there are many galaxies and there are many HsuMi Mountains. There are at least tens of billions of planets in the central whirlpool of the galaxy. Why does it become a whirlpool? It is because the central gravity and the expansion force from the energy released from explosion are in equilibrium. It is like sitting in a cyclone that makes a 360 degree turn and you would not fall at the acme because you experience the balance of centripetal force and centrifugal force. The galaxy rotates in the same way. In the center is the tremendous attracting force that integrates hundreds of billions of planets without scattering them all over. This tremendous attracting force is generated due to the interplanetary gravitational force, much like the law of gravity. Such a tremendous magnetic energy field is formed as a result of the display of many significant planets.

Student: Is HsuMi Mountain only just the center of galaxy? So, is HsuMi Mountain still far from Gu hole?

Master: The Gu hole comes from the split of a black hole. For example, the first cluster is called black hole X, which splits and becomes A and B. Then A splits again into C, D, and after that C collides with B. When black hole X begins to split into A and B due to the uneven gravity, in the process of splitting into two (please see the World of Forshang magazine #17, P. 120 for details), the last "point" connecting the two parts is called the Gu hole. Therefore, the Gu hole itself should be a "line." It is like pulling a glutinous rice flour dough into two parts with "a thin line" still connecting the two parts after they have already separated.

Student: So, it should still have a central point! Right?

Master: No. That "thin line", that Gu hole, is not what we consider to be a "point." There are no points at all. Don't be limited by the term "Gu hole." In fact, it is a very immense space! The so-called "point" is only just an easy way to describe it. In reality, it is not a point. It is an immense area and space. Therefore, the Gu hole does not fit the concept of a point in the way that we know. It is actually like a channel, stretchy like thread. That space is even bigger than our entire galaxy.

Student: So the Gu hole should not be measured by piece, because there is no such thing as one piece or two pieces.

Master: Right! It should not be. It should be counted by tube, one tube or two tubes. (laughter from class)

Student: So the HusMi Mountain is the center of galaxy, and the thirty three heavens surround HsuMi Mountain?

Figure B
The ejection of the big bang resembles the Dharma mark of Forshang Buddhism: the Perfect Harmony of All Doctrines.

Master: Right! The black hole stretches after splitting. This line in stretching becomes Gu hole, which is a stream of energy, a form of energy. Black hole X splits and becomes A and B. Then A splits again into C1, C2, and C1 collides with B. After the explosion, there is still some energy remains at the center part of the gravity, this energy would not disappear and it turns into Gu hole. These two collide and explode. All studies in today's cosmology started only from this point on and never from before this point. Upon collision, tremendous energy bursts out. After the explosion, the central area where most of the collision happens is the HsuMi Mountain. The way it projects out the energy resembles the mark of Forshang Buddhism - The Perfect Harmony of All Doctrines. (Figure B)

(Excerpted from Master Lee's instruction to the secluded meditation group in Canada on 6/28/99 and his 5-7-99 class lecture through Los Angeles to Taipei ISDN conferencing)

Time also has negative scales !?

Student: We know that in Cygnus there is a black hole. Is this a remaining one? Black hole X first splits into A and B. A splits again into C1 and C2 and C1 collides with B. In which of the four quadrants Forshang Buddhism brings out (please see the World of Forshang magazine #17, P. 120 for details) does the remaining part (black hole C2) go? Or is it outside the circle?

Figure C
The four cosmic quadrants resemble the third Dharma mark of Forshang Buddhism

Master: That is incorrect. In each of the four quadrants there remains still some black holes. The center of these four quadrants is the Gu hole as we said. In sutras, they talked about the four great heavenly kings, and each king is in charge of one of the four areas: east, west, south or north. As a matter of fact, what the sutra says is how it was expressed in the third Dharma mark of Forshang Buddhism.
(Figure C)

     Almost all black holes split and the universes formed into four major areas. Why on average are there four major areas, but not five or three? Actually there will be mathematical models for the tremendous gravitational force in that field. As the two black holes collide, it first bursts out to the above and the below and then to the left and the right. Because of the inner reaction force the planet will coagulate into clusters and form into four sections. As a consequence, another problem of distortion occurs, which is, "the distortion of time." In human researches, Stephen Hawking thinks that the shortest length of time is 10-57 and there is no zero in time. But he is wrong because we humans always count time starting from zero and we have also never thought of negative time scale. Time has 1 second, 2 seconds, 1 year, 5 years. It also has minus 1 seconds, minus 2 seconds, minus 1 year, minus 5 years. Time has positive scales as well as negative scales.

     The kind of time we live in is positive time with such values as 1 second, 2 seconds...We happen to be on this side while the other side is negative time starting from 0 to -1 second, -2 seconds...However, the infinite value of positive time is exactly the -1 second and the infinite value of negative time is the +1 second. If we keep counting the positive time, the last second will be -1 second, which is the moment the universe ends. If we keep counting from the -1 second till the +1 second, that will be the moment the universe starts. The +1 second the universe is formed and the -1 second the universe ends both exist simultaneously. This is the concept.

     As for the four quadrants, "the distortion of time" must be even more serious. Not only does time have positive and negative values, but it also has the imaginary and real scales. The real scales refer to a state of life at which all times converge. The imaginary scales refer to an imaginary state of being at which times are irrelevant. That is more complicated.

     In our human researches of time, I do not know where we stand at the moment. As far as I know, it must be approached from two perspectives: one is the "gravity of the planet itself," by which time is seriously distorted; the other is the "interplanetary gravitational forces", existing between the given planet and other planets. Time will be distorted by these two factors.

     In the four time quadrants, we are in the positive time quadrant. The opposite one is the negative time quadrant. The one in the above is the real time quadrant and the one down below is the imaginary time quadrant. That is about it.

Student: From the viewpoint of Forshang Buddhism, does this mean we should build up a concept that time and space are united?

Figure 1: The gravity of black hole X is out of balance due to uneven absorbency of substances. The splitting is inevitable as gravity ratio is 1:3.
(Click to Enlarge)

Figure 2: Black hole X splits and distorts like maltose sugar that are loosely linked when broken up.
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Figure 3: As Black hole B and C are drawn to collide into an explosion, while black hole D is propelled outward by the explosive force.
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Figure 4: As Black hole B and C are drawn to collide into an explosion, while black hole D is propelled outward by the explosive force.
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Figure 5: The galaxies moving to the left form our universe including the Milky Way. The galaxies moving to the right will eventually be swallowed up by black hole D.
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Figure 6: When the galaxies of the anti-matter universe in the right side are absorbed, a "inner reaction force" generated inside black hole D will move itself to the left.
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Master: Based on the concept that time and space are united, if you can find -1 second, you will be able to see the end of the universe; if you see the +1 second, you will be able to see the beginning of the universe. That is to say, why is someone who has entered the Dharma nature able to know the truth of the universe? That is because he knows concurrently the positions of +1 second, -1 second, and zero. It is like putting a marble bead on a tilting table and you know at the moment you drop it on the table that it will roll over and fall out from the other side. Therefore, you know the whole unavoidable process as long as you see the first moment the bead was placed on the table and the last moment when it drops.
You don't need to know every detail along the way. As a practitioner knows the truth of the universe, he need not go through the process all over. Because he knows his own Buddha nature, he only needs to know the beginning and the end and the process is all inevitable. He will know everything in the process without going through it.

Student: So, are all these actually the same as "Grand Unified Theory," the anti-matter, the anti-universe sort of things?

Master: These are related to anti-matter and dark matter. What is dark matter? The dark matter is the cause and effect. Everything you do, which is a "cause," becomes a dark matter in your internal Dharma realms. The anti-matter is the karmic force and karmic retribution manifested. You bark at people and that eventually will come back to you. That is the anti-matter.

Student: Stephen Hawking measures 10-57 second against zero second. According to Master Lee's formula of 1/M and M, if time and space are united, the products should be 1. The reciprocal of 10-57 is 1057. Based on this, we infer that the universe is 1057 big in size. We have observed that the phenomena after the big bang is 15 billion light years. You, Master, have also said that the blank space in the middle is thousands of times bigger than the space on our side. Is it ten thousand times bigger?

Master: The way Stephen Hawking measures time is based on the mathematical methods we humans have and is based on the delicate structures inside electrons. He concludes that 10-57 is the answer. Because the entire universe is so big and difficult to study, we can only observe the form through telescope. In order to study the origin of the universe, we have to study electrons, the smallest particle instead. In the smallest particle hides the original state of the greatest universe because electrons have never changed from the ancient times, from the beginning of the universe up till now. People change. Species change. The only thing that never changes or evolves is the "electron." Therefore, in order to study ancient life, we have to study the electron as it is permanent. In order to study the origin of the universe , we have to study the electron. We study the smallest particle, the electron, so as to disclose the biggest secret of the universe. So, he thinks that the electron exists in the state of 10-57 , being the shortest length of time. I have never read his books. I only know that he brings up the concept that the shortest time is 10-57. I guess this is the structure of his theories.

Figure 7: The universe where we reside comes to be for at least 15 billion light years and so is the anti-matter universe, which has already been absorbed by black hole D. Black hole D will return and continue to swallow up our universe. The entire process is called a great kalpa. The dark matter in the middle is several thousand times bigger than both areas.
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Figure 8: The Space, worm hole, position of sun/earth. The four quadrants of a single universe. The four spindle-shaped quadrants are in equilibrium. The space represents the possibilities of infinite expansion, but is circumscribed by the circle in the outside. The central point stays fixed.
(Click to Enlarge)

     Then what is my theory? Time has positive values, such as 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, etc. Time also has negative values, such as -1 second, -2 seconds, -3 seconds, etc...on these conditions that my structure is going to be more accurate than his. That is to say, the way he studies the time when the universe is formed by studying the state inside the electron must have certain problems. That is because he has never studied the state of time with negative scales! Theoretically speaking, it is certain that electrons have negative values because the light and the electron are almost the same in terms of speed (there is only slight difference.) Any matter that moves as fast as light is likely to enter an unstable state in terms of time. If this stands, then let's look at another theory: if today you are a light and I am a light and we are approaching each other at the speed of light, the speed we move toward each other doubles the speed of light, is that correct?

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