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Propagation Activities and Accomplishments of

Forshang World Foundation


Promotion of Various Academic Culture and International Exchange Activities


[Organized [Forshang Cup] Chinese Chess World Championship]

The “Forshang Cup” Chinese Chess World Championship was first held in September 1997, since then, it became the largest event of this kind in the world and with the highest prize in this type of tournament globally. Over 40 top chess players from 27 different countries participated in the first annual championship in Las Vegas. The second annual tournament was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the tournament is endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, Dr. Anita L., DeFrantz Vice President of International Olympic Committee and Mr. C.K. Wu, Member of International Olympic Committee, were invited to participate as the advisors in the 2nd annual. The tournament has become as a significant and world-renowned Chinese Chess game in the world. It also influences and promotes the Chinese Chess tremendously and in the international realm.



[Sponsored Symphonic Ballet Music “Snow Lily” Global Premiere in Moscow]

In October 1997, the Foundation had patronized a creative musician, Mr. Peter Faun, for the global premiere of his symphonic ballet music “Snow Lily” at the opera theater of the Moscow Music Academy that conducted by Mr. Maestro Vakhtang Jordania with Russian Federal Orchestra and performed by the Moscow Ballet.


[Co-organized [Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation] for Asian Kurash Championships]

As a co-organizer, the Foundation has supported [Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation] yearly to promote Kurash since 2016. After two years preparation and training, Chinese Taipei Kurash Federation attended Asian Kurash Championships with the Foundationís sponsorship from 2018 to 2019.


[Lectured on Business Management]

In July 1997, Master Lee, President of Forshang World Foundation, was bestowed the title of Honorary Dean of Graduate School of Modern Management and Business Administrations at Jinan University, in Shandong, China. Master Lee was invited to give lectures at Shandong University of Technology and Qingdao University on the theory of “The New Business Management in the 21st Century.”

[Buddhism Lectures]

On November 22, 1996, Master Lee was invited to give lectures at the prestigious National Taiwan University on “The scientific point of view of Spiritual Body – The power of Innate Nature”. This aroused tremendous interest, and many more seminars were held weekly at the campus of National Taiwan University, Chinese Culture University and many other universities in Taiwan.

On April 29, 1997, Master Lee was invited to give lectures at University of California, Los Angles (UCLA).

[Buddhism Courses]

Master Lee has been invited to teach Forshang Buddhism cultivation courses held by the Foundation in Taiwan, Los Angles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Toronto.


The Courses

        Fundamental Cultivation

Primary Class, 
Intermediate Class, 
Advance Class I, and II

        Exertion of Buddha Nature

Science of Human life I, II

        Path to Enlightenment:

Classes of Conscious Innovation


Organization of Events Related to Social Welfare and Cultural Studies


[The Best Religious Books “ Golden Book Award”]

The Foundation has sponsored the first of its kind religious book award in Taiwan, and the Award was divided into two categories; five Golden Award books selected by the review committee and ten best books voted by readers. The first Award was held in July 1997 at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, during the event, million dollar raffles were also held as a reward to the readers.

The Foundation also provide a library to collect those selected good books. That is a space to allow people can read religious materials.


[Recognition and Award Outstanding Social Welfare Organizations]

Since April 1992, the Foundation collaborated with Catholic World Hope Foundation in donation of funds for child programs, and promotion of adoption programs nationally.

In March 1994, the Foundation had sponsored the Russian and Mongolian Bicycling teams during their competition in Taiwan. Thereafter in February 1995, the Foundation has also sponsored a team to represent the Foundation to participate in the Bicycling competition and also awarded to the first round winner.

Starting in January 1995, the Foundation has organized and sponsored the annual election of “Outstanding Social Welfare Organizations” in Taiwan, that inspired the public concern and awareness of the social harmony in the community. The sponsorship is not limited to certain religious organizations as long as the organization devotes to the social welfare works. This annual selection is also extended to the art, culture, sports and the other organizations.


[Forshang Buddhism Supreme Hua-Yen Spiritual Gathering]

Forshang Buddhism Supreme Hua-Yen Spiritual Gathering” are held in Taiwan, Los Angles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto or Japan annually and draws thousands of followers and disciples.


[Chinese Lunar Year Blessing]

Master Lee holds a blessing ceremony to all disciples and their families for blessing all and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year during each Chinese Lunar Year.


[Fortune Candy Party]

Since December 25 1997, the Foundation has organized the “Fortune Candy Party” at the Christmas day, in which the neighbors of Forshang and its Buddhist followers share the peace and joy at the western holidays and bring people in harmony with each other.


Sponsorship of Research Grants in Various Education Academic


[Sponsored Chinese Chess Players]

In order to develop and train the potential chess players in Taiwan, and to improve their chess level, the Foundation has provided the financial assistance to the selected players each year for their focusing on the chess skills since 2nd annual.

[Sponsored Musician Mr. Peter Faun’s Symphonic Ballet Music]

In January 1997, the Foundation had patronized Mr. Peter Faun’s symphonic ballet music “Narcissus” and “Snow Lily” for the global premier in Moscow which were performed by the Russian Federal Orchestra. These compositions were the first original Chinese score ever performed in Russia. Consequently, Mr. Faun was granted an honorary doctorate by the Ukraine College of Music.


[Sponsored Religious Study]

In October 1998, the Foundation has sponsored Fokuang University, The Institute of Religious and Culture Studies to organize “The Second Annual Present Religious Study”. In February 1999, the Foundation has again sponsored the “ Present Zen Study in Taiwan and China” to propagate the religious and culture studies.


[Sponsored the Overseas Chinese equestrienne – Michelle Yang]

Since 1994, the Foundation has patronized Michelle Yang, an excellent equestrienne with talent, for all expenses incurred in related to the contest, coach fees and horse expenses. This enabled Michelle Yang to concentrate fully on the training program. Michelle Yang has represented Forshang World Foundation to participate the equestrian events in US and attained great results in the competitions.


[Sponsored Han Lin Folk Art Story-Telling Group to Visit the Northern Thailand]

In 1999, the Foundation had sponsored the Han Lin Folk Art Story-Telling Group to visit the Northern Thailand to spread love and consideration to support those suffering overseas Chinese who wandered destitute far from home and light up the Chinese traditional culture.


Promotion and Research of Traditional Medical Science


In September 1994, during Master Lee’s visit to Los Angles, a meeting was held with American neurologist Dr. Willard Webster Olson and his wife. Dr. Olson was very surprised that Master Lee could describe the brain movement and its relationship with the universe. Dr. Olson admired the facts that Master Lee could understand his decades of study in neurology after just a few minutes of conversation.

In July 1995, the Foundation collaborated with Professor Szu-Tsen Lee, the leader of the Biological Energy Study at the National Science Council in Taiwan for the research program of “The Brain Wave Changes during Chi Kung and Meditation”.

In March 1997, the Foundation collaborated with Veterans General Hospital and Department & Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang Ming University of Taiwan to conduct the medical science research of “The Brain Blood Flow during Meditation”. The research papers were issued at medical seminars in Taiwan and USA and attracted more discussions in the medical field about meditation.

From March through July 1998, in collaboration with Dr. Chang-Ming Chen at the Neurological Institute of Veterans General Hospital-Taipei, the study of the effectiveness of Forshang meditation in brain blood flow and functions of heart and lungs was conducted.

In April 1998, the Foundation collaborated with Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology in Taiwan to analyze the components of the Holy Relics by using Raman Spectrometer. They discovered that the components of Forshang Holy Relics is the skeleton of human beings while the components of Relics provided by the common people are stones and calculus.

In December 1998, the Foundation collaborated with Dr. Chang-Ming Chen at the Neurological Institute of Veterans General Hospital-Taipei to study the “Forshang Meditation effects of cerebral hemodynamic”. The research paper “Spectral Analysis of Arterial Blood Pressure and Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity during Supine Rest and Orthostasis” was published at the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. This Journal has great influence and has a relatively high reputation in the international medical field. It is the very first study of its kind.


Propagation of Buddhism Culture and Preservation of Cultural Artifacts


[Buddhist Culture Exhibitions]

Every year, beginning August 1996, the Foundation held several exhibits including “Exhibition of One Hundred Human Holy Relics”, “Wooden Carved Buddha Statue Exhibition”, “Amber Exhibition”, “ Clay Censer Product Show”. More exhibits will be added in coming years. Such as “One Hundred Animal Holy Relics Exhibition”, “Yuan Dao Budhisattva Potrate and Statue Exhibition”, “Dharma Relics Show”, “Forshang Buddhism Generation List Calligraphy Show”, “Compassion, Wisdom, Vow and Deed Four Budhisattvas, Statue Exhibition”. In 1999, “The Totem of Dharma Realms revealed in Deep Meditation” and “The Holy Relics Exhibitions” are the first of their kind held in the world. The exhibition was held in San Francisco, Los Angels and Hawaii from 1999.


[Buddhism Museum in Liverpool for Researching and Preserving Buddhism Cultural Artifacts]

Collaboration with The University of Liverpool in UK in researching and preserving Buddhism cultural artifacts from China, Japan, India, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

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