The Scientific Approach to Buddhist Study ¡V the Human Life Science (VII)

The Focus of The Future Studies on Human Life Science ¡V


Action and Activation of the Brain


There are altogether eighteen areas in the brain, out of which nine possess miraculous energy and effect.
Once these nine areas are activated, the future medical science will prevent humans from diseases with lines, lights, and sounds.
In terms of education, instead of learning, man can understand all knowledge instantly!



Lecturer/Sun-Don Lee (Leader of the Forshang Buddhism)
Writer/Li-Kang Ho (Professor of Department and Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University)
Translator/Helena Chou (Resident Instructor of Forshang Buddhism World Center, LA Branch)


The 21st century¡¦s two major topics of the human life science are the genetics and the brain science, both currently being included by countries all over the world to be focuses of studies on technology. The development of the human genome brings dawn to genetics and prospect to all related studies. Along with the related development of medical imaging technologies of computerized scanning and magnetic resonance imaging, many significant results achieved in brain science in recent years are presented in front of our eyes one by one, such as the connecting and transmission substances between various nerves and the relation between cognition and brain areas.

Many concepts indicate revolutionary developments. It was once considered that mental disorders are completely psychological problems; there is evidence now that neurological diseases and mental states are interrelated. However, the way a human thinks and memorizes and whether or not the mental state affects the development and networking of the nervous system are still disturbing questions with not much discoveries yet.


Further Breakthroughs Are Needed In The Brain Science.

To put it simply, you can recognize immediately someone whom you have not seen for over thirty years to be your classmate in elementary school while today¡¦s computer of the highest speed in the world cannot at all because this person is not in computer¡¦s database and therefore is not available for comparison. But why can we recognize? Even no need for time to think. Besides, a HL-60 cell in leukemia cultivated for cancer study is basically the same wherever it is cultivated; however, the nerve cells and networks of either a plant or a human can be greatly affected by the environment. Perhaps we may say that such a distinction comes from the different levels of elaboration and complexity, simply like the computer to a human brain or a single cell to an entire brain tissue. Yet, a human starts from a fertilized egg. But who is it on earth that tells and directs it to do things that seem beyond its capacity?

Figure 1/ How does the brain function? How to activate the brain? These are still big challenges to scientists.

Moreover, the cells can be reborn in most of the human tissues while those of the brain and nerves hardly can. It is a big challenge to today¡¦s medical science to find the way to restore the normal functions of the under-developed or the injured brain and its nerves. Recently, the hottest issue is about whether or not the stem cells of the blood of Mrs. President Shu-Chen Wu¡¦s grand child¡¦s umbilical cord enable her to stand up again? Besides the stem cells, is it possible that the gene therapy opens up another door?

By the way, what makes J. Craig Venter, who has great contribution to genome sequencing, strive for better instead of wasting his life on surfing is because he witnessed two young soldiers who were send to the hospital in the Vietnam War. One seemed completely unharmed except a 0.22 diameter bullet wound on the head but died soon after arrival, while the other 18 years old boy suffered from serious injuries on the chest and belly but was spared from death after a few weeks and was dreaming of going home.

If time goes back to World War I, it is believed that neither of the two soldiers could make it. However, in the Vietnam War, one of the two did. Though the medical science advances much further since the Vietnam War till today, we know that the chance for the second soldier to fully recover is still very slim. It is just like some patients who suffer brain injuries from car accidents may be able to temporarily sustain the vital signs with the help of respiratory supporting system, but what we can really do for them is still very limited. Usually we just wait hopelessly for death to come. Nonetheless, will what cannot be done today be done tomorrow? This must be something everybody anticipates. Today, the neurological surgery helps to recover the functions of the peripheral nerves to a quite satisfactory extent for patients who would otherwise be paralyzed definitely. Though some experiments on animals support the rebirth of the brain neutron; yet, the practicable application seems still in a far distance. Can the brain and the central nervous system be restored? Can humans achieve more in treating the functional and degenerative problems of the brain? Please read Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s instructions to student¡¦s questions in classes.


I. The Rebirth And The Activation Of Brain Cells

All The Brain Cells, Spinal Cells, And Visual Sensory Cells Can Be Reborn!

Student: Many cells in our body can be reborn; however, the brain cells reach its highest amount at birth and then they gradually die out, decrease, and then¡K?

Figure 2/ All the brain cells, spinal cells, and visual sensory cells can be reborn!

Master: No! The brain cells can be reborn!

There are three kinds of cells that are considered not being able to be reborn according to the medical science: the "brain cell", the "spinal cell", and the "sensory cell" of the eye. The eyes have 5 million sensory cells. Every time we look at the bright light, thousands die. It could be tens of thousands when looking at the sun. A cell dies; a cell is lost. If all the sensory cells die, you lose your sight!

However, as far as I know, all these three kinds can be reborn! And it is not that hard for the brain cell to be reborn. If you can create certain amino acids, then the brain cell is capable of continuing its evolution and will be born again. It is not something that cannot be done! To put this issue aside first, we have used only 5% of our brain cells, right? All that we need to do is to develop a bit of the rest and it would turn out to be very powerful already!

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s instructions in the mental doctrine class in Taipei on 8/20/1998)


Meditation Helps To Activate Brain Cells

Student: Then, the activation of the brain¡K?

Master: Only 5% of the human brain has been developed. If the rest of the part is simply useless, it is supposed to degenerate. But it does not. That means that it is not a useless part. It is just that you do not know yet how to make use of it! Meditation can make the brain cells active! At present, the medical science believes that three kinds of cells cannot be reborn. They are the brain cell, the spinal cell, and the eye¡¦s sensory cell. With the diligent practice of Forshang doctrines, all these cells can be born again!

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s instructions in the 4th term mental doctrine class in Taipei on 12/12/1997)


II. The Cause And The Treatment Of Brain Disorders

The Three Major Factors That Cause Brain Problems

Student: For the mentally retarded and the mentally disordered, is there any way for them to have access to Buddhist doctrine?

Master: Yes indeed! The brain problems are due to three major factors:

First, the nervous system or nerve cells of the brain are impaired.

Second, the frequency of the brain wave does not allow the normal functioning.

Third, being under the influence of the external force. 

Figure 3/ The brain problems are due to three major factors: First, the nervous system or nerve cells of the brain are impaired.  Second, the frequency of the brain wave does not allow the normal functioning. Third, being under the influence of the external force.

In case of the external force, that is, being invaded by the outer spirit, the situation is comparatively easier. As long as this external energy can be turned into a positive energy, as for this being, this external force can be turned around to help this being instead. Or, it can be turned into emptiness. Since it is an emptiness, there is nowhere to be adhered, or nothing to be put into effect. Then this external force will not have any effect. Since this energy cannot be put into any effect, then it is empty. These are the situations in case of the invasion of the outer spirit.

If the brain wave is not functioning in the normal frequency, we have to adjust this situation back to normal with basic achievement or the concentration and wisdom attained in our own practice.


It Takes The Energy And Effect Of A Bodhisattva Over The Third Level To Be Able To Restore The Impaired Brain Cells

It is the most difficult to treat the damage of the nervous system or the brain cell impairment caused by an external force because the brain itself has gone through substantial changes.  

Figure 4/ The autism is resulted from the activation of certain particular genes.

  To restore the impaired brain cells or nervous system back to normal, you need the energy and the effect of a Bodhisattva over the third level. Then, what can you do if you have not achieved up to the third level yet? You just have to ask for the help from the one sitting up there (meaning Da Zi Zai Wan Fo). This is Mr. A. He and his family become members of a family unit at this point of time and space because the causation among them has already been very deep. The causation itself is an energy. As long as his family recite Buddha¡¦s name with whole-hearted sincerity, and with a determination to trust in Da Zi Zai Wan Fo and the inconceivable empowerment of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas owing to their great compassion, pity and virtuous dignity, they need not proffer the merits purposely and the energy can still be changed.

Reciting Buddha¡¦s name is the power of self; Buddha¡¦s and Bodhisattva¡¦s great pitying vow is the power of others. We unite the power of self and others. That is the meaning of "praying to the empowerment of the great power of compassion, pity and virtuous dignity" in the worship and repentance prayer. "To purify instantly my karma in three aspects" means that all karma can be cleared up. Of the three ways, use the right one to deal with the right situation.

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s instructions in his lecture of Wei-Mo-Chieh Sutra on 6/1/91)

The Autism Is Resulted From The Activation Of Certain Particular Genes

Student: What can we do to help an autistic child?

Master: What is the autism as we said? Most of people developed 5% of the cells while the 5% cells of his are not fully developed and therefore he experiences difficulties in communicating in many aspects. However, for a normal human being, he almost always has 5% development; that is to say, this child may have developed 3% in the regular area of a normal person while the other 2% are developed in the unusual area. That is why an autistic child is always found to have special talent in a particular aspect.

One day when this 2% are suddenly expressed, that would be very wonderful! It is just that this 2% activation of the unusual area may disappear after thirty or fifty year¡¦s expression. Very strangely, at the time when this 2% disappears, the other 3% expands to 4% or 5% again and the child turns back to normal. Therefore, an autistic child is usually very talented in a certain aspect, then the talent disappears later on, and then over a period of time, he gradually turns normal!

Student: Because this child is a Christian, I secretly recited the Nine Word Zen for him. Can we help him with Forshang doctrines? 

Figure 5/ The future medical science will study how to prevent humans from diseases with lines, lights, and sounds.

Master: Recite the Nine Word Zen more often!

Student: Still to recite the Nine Word Zen only?

Master: Buddhism talks about the causation! How many autistic children are there that have never met us? It is simply because they do not have the causation! We do our best to help. But if his family does not accept what you do, they are like an insulated item, and you cannot force them, can you? Now he has the opportunity that you secretly recite several times the Nine Word Zen for him. This is already pretty good! You recite silently inside, and out of the middle area of his sixth sense, he knows.

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s 4/10/1999 class instructions at the Los Angeles branch in the U.S.)

Treat Parkinson¡¦s Disease with Calcium and Iron Initially

Student: What is the best way to help a patient with Parkinson¡¦s disease?

Master: Today¡¦s medical science has not found a way yet. I guess Calcium and Iron seem helpful.

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s instructions in the 48th term mental doctrine class on 2/11/1997)


III. The Future Human Life Science ¡V A Significant Reform On Medical Science And Education

Hereditary Diseases Are Resulted From Causational Effect

Student: Greed, anger and ignorance trigger all kinds of physical problems. Then, how do we explain the occurrence of the hereditary diseases? And how to prevent?

Master: The hereditary diseases are related to causational effect. At birth, why does someone¡¦s genetic coding mutate? That is what we called causation, karmic effect, or karmic force.

Our genetic coding has only developed up to 5% and what we generally called abnormalities might fall in that 95%. Hidden in our 95% are many, as we called them, diseases, which do not fit our body. Theoretically, there are still hundreds or hundreds of hundreds of diseases hidden in our genes, which might turn into incurable diseases if some day certain genes are activated, resulting in illnesses which humans have not yet imagined even in their dreams.


The Future Medical Studies ¡V To Prevent Humans From Diseases With Lines, Lights, And Sounds

If you activate genes from another direction, you may uplift human life force to a very high level. The lines in totems of the universe are to open up certain potentials in that 95%. We humans can change ourselves with sound, light, and form except that those effects are usually relatively superficial sensations.

In reality, we are indeed able to open up the remaining 95% of the genes with lines (forms), lights, or sounds. Or in other words, to open up the brain wave of that undeveloped 95% area. In terms of genes, it is the physical development; in terms of brain waves, it is the activation of potentials.

For the scientific explanation for totems of the universe, those lines are composed in a way to open up the genes in a human body, to activate the unexpressed 95% genes, or those 95% undeveloped brain cells.

Toward the end of 21st century, almost a hundred years later, the most important topic of studies will be this: is there a way to prevent humans from any diseases with some simple lines, lights, or sounds?

The Future Major Reform on Education

Instead Of Learning, Man Can Understand All Knowledge Instantly!

Perhaps man somehow finds a way to avoid learning; instead, by watching the composition of some simple lines for just one or two days, man is able to memorize and understand all the books, all the knowledge, or everything that is there to know, that he has ever looked through, just like a computer. That is to say, man learns within just a month all the things that take us a hundred years to learn. Wouldn¡¦t that cause a major reform in our education? Do you know who brought this out? To stimulate what we called genes or brain cells is still beyond the reach of today¡¦s medical science. Or in other words, the human technologies still have a long way to go before reaching this step, which is nonetheless such a significant step in the reformation of the entire human life science as well as the entire human civilization.

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s instructions in the mental doctrine class in Taipei on 5/20/99)

IV. The Secrets About The Brain Unknown To The Field Of Science

There Are Altogether Eighteen Areas In The Brain, Out Of Which Nine Possess Miraculous Energy And Effect

Student: A theory brought out ten years ago stated that the cerebrum is divided into three areas: the area that holds emotions, meninges¡K.Is this theory correct?

Master: No, our brain has eighteen areas. The center of life at the inner layer of the brain, located at the top of the spine, has nine areas that are totally unknown to humans. These nine areas are related to what is usually called the supernatural powers, or the energy and effect of Buddha nature in Forshang Buddhism. The general concept about cognition is focusing on the superficial forms man gets to know, which man divides into two separate categories, emotional and rational or motion and awareness. This is a big mistake. That we pushed half of the things, such as science, mathematics, clear thinking, etc., into rationality is not right. In fact, all the scientific developments, all the basis of civilizations, and all the human evolutions are based on emotions.

"The Nine Turn Breathing Method" Helps To Activate The Nine Major Areas Of The Brain.

The nine areas, which are totally unknown to humans, are divided in a way of absolute significance. These nine areas are actually these nine words: "Na Mor Bun Schi Da Zi Zai Wan Fo", out of which the sound and meaning of each word represent an area of the brain. Therefore, as we said before, "The Nine Turn Breathing Method" is the physical application of the Nine Word Zen, for developing these nine areas of our brain.

How do we find a scientific analysis in the emotions? How do we discover the development of a civilization in the emotions? Or in other words, how do we find the emotions behind the process of clear thinking? The emotions behind are what we called the predestinated causation.

We can make a rational analysis, or to make a decision. If you can go beyond the analysis of the present situations to understand the emotions laid behind, it is called the supernatural power to know the past lives. Or, if you can go beyond the current rational analysis to know what are going to happen, it is called the supernatural power to predict the future. We can only base upon the present to presume the future but are unable to understand the future. That is because these nine areas are not developed yet.

The Sound Resonance Of The Nine Word Zen Turns The Physical Body Into Electronic State  

Figure 10/ The sound resonance of The Nine Word Zen turns the physical body into electronic state.

Every sound of the Nine Word Zen develops a particular area of the brain. The nine areas in the exterior is our sixth and seventh senses, which, when activated, will go deeper into the nine areas in the interior. The external nine areas make our brain cells active; the internal nine areas have the real energy that enables us to penetrate time and space.

In addition to develop the nine areas of our brain, the Nine Word Zen also contains all the major physical developments. By uniting all the nine sounds into one sound, a powerful resonance is thus generated. And the frequency of this powerful resonance can change our physical body from the state of mass into electron. When our physical state turns into the electronic state, we become a total electron man, or a total energy state, which is what we called the integration of physical body and spiritual body, which is also called the 3rd level Bodhisattva, who can walk in the air, go through the wall, not be drowned by water or burned by fire. All these phenomena have been stated in the Hua-Yen Sutra.

(Master Sun-Don Lee¡¦s 4/1/00 class instructions at the Los Angeles branch in the U.S.)




The Conflict between Heredity and Environment and the Rebirth Theory of Neutron, By Jenn-Tser Pan, 1, 75-77, 2002, Nationl Science Council Monthly.

Kevin David, Cracking the Genome: inside the race to unlock human DNA, Translated by Jenn-Tser Pan, 2001, Taipei, China Times Pub. Co.¡@




Figure 6/ The lines in totems of the universe are to open up certain potentials in that 95%.

Figure 7/ Instead of learning, man can understand all knowledge instantly! This will be the major reform on education in the future.

Figure 8/ "The Nine Turn Breathing Method" helps to activate the nine major areas of the brain.

Figure 9/ There are altogether eighteen areas in the brain, out of which nine areas possess miraculous energy and effect.







Recite the above Nine Word Zen Prayer
to unite with the universal energy.