The Scientific Approach to Buddhist Study ”V the Human Life Science (VI)

The Startling New Theory on Genetics ”V

The Character, the Action and the Activation of Genes


The most startling new theory on genetics tells us ”V

The force behind gene mutation is from the Seventh Sense.
The other 95% of genes could be rapidly activated through spiritual cultivation. Whether or not a breakthrough in genetics could be reached lies in whether we understand their completely opposing states.

"Gene recovery" is the way to total well-being.


Lecturer/Sun-Don Lee (Leader of the Forshang Buddhism)
Writer/Li-Kang Ho (Professor of Department and Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University)
Translator/Helena Chou (Resident Instructor of Forshang Buddhism World Center, LA Branch)


"Man in the present sees not the moon in the past.
The moon in the present once shone upon man in the past.
Man in the past and in the present never meet face to face.
The mood to appreciate the moon is always the same."

The state this poem wrote about is certainly understandable to everyone: The moon has not changed but man has. Nonetheless, the mood for appreciating the moon is the same. No need for any more explanation from the poet. However, what remains interesting to people who are curious about reproduction of species and genetic evolution is why the moon lasts so long. While the deceased are gone forever, why can the mood for appreciating the moon go beyond time and space? If the moon goes through the cycle of life and death, then why do we not understand its process even now?

In view of history, we might appear to have gained much in terms of knowledge in comparison to past generations. In the case of genetic decoding, people are getting familiar with this concept through newspapers and magazines. However, how on earth do genes behave? To most of people, it is still quite confusing. Is it true that genes, as we might have imagined, produce exactly based on given materials and instructions, just like the computerized assembly line of a factory?

Figure 1”žIn 1940, Barbara McClintock had already believed that gene sequencing is not always static.

In the 1940s, the genius geneticist Barbara McClintock (who received a Nobel Prize in 1983) held a very distinctive view on genetics. She thought that genetic sequencing is not static and that the genetic changes have left biological traits for the peculiar forms of living beings. Such ideas help to explain why maize in her research project did not inherit the green pea”¦s color as the green pea in Gregor Mendel”¦s project, but rather changed with some circumstantial factors instead. These changes are caused by movable elements in genes, which are today termed transposon. Lacking an understanding of her work, the scientists of her time were generally very indecisive about these unconventional ideas of hers. Today, they are concepts that have been widely accepted and regarded as significant in interpreting evolution.

However, what is the driving force behind those activated or unexpressed genes? For different living beings, do genes always find the best evolutionary course? In regard to these questions, please read the theories brought out by Master Sun-Don Lee in his answers to student”¦s questions in the classroom that go beyond time and space.


I. Genes vs. Senses

Student: What is the ultimate driving force of gene mutation?

Master: The ultimate driving force of gene mutation is in the seventh sense!


The Unknown Area in Science: the structure of the eight senses

Here is the structure of the human senses:

The comparatively easiest to review and affect are the first Five Senses:

Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body

"The Sixth Sense" is divided into three sections:

The first section: is our evaluation at the present time, the present sense;

The second section: is our memory of the past, the past sense;

The middle is the gray area;

The third section: is the energy sense, from which at times comes inspirations, accordance, etc.


"The Seventh Sense" is called the supernatural power sense, also called Mona sense, which is entirely the energy.


"The Eighth Sense" is called Alaya Sense, where all the good and evil seeds are stored.

Figure 2”žThe rise of any thought will activate the energy of the Seventh Sense, and then further affect the judgment of the Sixth Sense.

As soon as a thought arises, the energy of the seventh sense would be triggered, which leads to the judgment of the sixth sense. The stimulated sixth sense begins to harmonize all the experiences you have gone through in your past lives up till now to make a judgment in the present sense so as to determine how your eye, ear, nose, tongue and body would respond.


The last line of defense: between the past sense and the present sense

What is your last line of defense before the judgment is made in the function of the sixth sense led by the energy of the seventh sense triggered by the occurrence of an internal thought? It is in the middle area between the past and the present senses. Thus, why are you taught to practice the ten unlimited minds from the very beginning of your cultivation process? That is because the energy triggered by the plentiful evil thoughts of you would enter the sixth sense to bring out what have been accumulated there from the past, making you fall rashly for evil things.

However, why can we sometimes hold ourselves together? Why can we control the thoughts of our mind? It is in the last moment when we enter from the past sense into the present sense, your education or your outlook on life clears up, sifted out the evils, while your goodness is intensified! It is all in the last line of defense! Otherwise, you may do good things but you may also do bad things in every moment if there is no defense or protection! We talk about the ten unlimited minds in the very beginning of cultivation in order to protect you from causing karma!

Figure 3”žFifteen years from now, humans will begin to study the impact of the Seventh Sense on gene mutation

For those in the animal kingdom, why do they always respond as a reflex? When they sense the danger, that they are going to be killed, they would not stay calm but stand against it right away so that the energy of an evil thought in the past would be triggered to erupt! Therefore, one of the big differences between the animal and the human kingdom is that they lack the education or the training in thinking. And, a majority of our learning is built up in this area.


Gene Mutation: the seventh sense changes the physical structure.

Gene mutation is stimulated by the energy of the seventh sense! All the changes in the outside environment are actually recorded, whether they are sensed through your eye, ear, nose, tongue and body, or whether they catch your attention or not! For example, you are looking at me right now. While looking at me, you also see other people, the blackboard, and the light in the surroundings, which will all go into your Sixth sense. It is just that you never notice these things, but that doesn't mean that these have never happened. Therefore, why hypnotism can sometimes help a person recall what had actually happened in the murder site is simply because the memories are brought back from this area.

When the outside energies are perceived by your first five senses, maybe you did not notice anything, yet these stimulus have already been taken and stored. When the seventh sense has perceived that the danger is coming, that the outside pressure is already very heavy, the energy of the seventh sense will erupt to change your entire physical structure, which is known to be gene mutation! This is the part that today's medical science has not yet figured out. Within the next fifteen years there might be people that will bring up this subject.


The Perfect Energy for Gene Mutation: "The Great Perfect Mirror-like Wisdom that Goes Beyond the Eight Senses" ”V the Buddha Nature.

Figure 4”žThe perfect energy to change genes would be "the great perfect mirror-like wisdom" ”V the Buddha nature, which goes beyond the eight senses!

Student: What would be the ultimate form of this energy for gene mutation

Master: Very enormous and complicated! The ultimate form goes beyond the eight senses and is called the great perfect mirror-like wisdom, which is the Buddha nature, or the spiritual body!

(Master Lee's class instruction in the Los Angeles branch in the U.S. on 4/1/2000)



The energy impact from the outside world may also cause gene to mutate



Student: One of the colleagues visited the Egyptian pyramid and was told to stand at a place of the strongest energy. After he returned from the trip, he got sick but no illnesses could be found. He just felt not to have enough energy, and could not go to work. Would it be the pharaoh”K?

Master: It is not the pharaoh's spell!

The structure of the pyramid is indeed able to aggregate energies in its division of space. He stood at a particular place and that is why those phenomena later happened to him. He was neither infected by any bacteria nor was bound to certain spell cast by the pharaoh. Rather, it was the energy impact of that particular place where he stood caused the gene mutation in his brain. It was like a hit of laser beam. When the radiation comes in, some people might, while some others may not, be affected. Not many people would but he happened to be one of them and that is why his genes mutated! It was like cobalt 60 in chemotherapy that causes gene mutation.

Thus, no illnesses could ever be found because the human medical science has not yet realized what that is. It is something beyond imagination!

(Master Lee's class instruction in Los Angeles branch in the U.S. on 7/7/97

Remarks: The Primary Patriarch temple also has a "potential-inspiring pyramid", on which the Dharma totems with different meanings were drawn to inspire from all beings the four positive energies of wisdom, health, wealth, and love. People stand before the pyramid will definitely experience glorious and perfect development of body and mind. Everyone should take the opportunity to personally experience the impact of gene activation.


II. Cultivation: the best way to activate genes

In the seeds or flowers of certain plants, more chromosomes could be found. Generally speaking, the outcomes may or may not be good. To humans or animals, most of the results are not so good. In the recent study of stem cell, similar situations were also found and thus cast shadows on the research and development of stem cell. Are those additional chromosomes or genes really bad?


The Greatest Medicine of the Humankind: Cancerous Cells!

Figure 5”žThe cancerous cells that are capable of endless fission are the most precious treasure, and the greatest medicine in the human body!

Student: Master once said that the 95% of chromosomes are not activated. As far as we know, we have 46 chromosomes. It is a dangerous thing if the number of chromosomes is not right. If a child is born to have more than 46 chromosomes, he might not live. Through cultivation, the number might be doubled, which is a dreadful thing from the medical point of view. For example, cancerous cell is a disease of chromosome”K?

Master: The greatest medicine of the humankind is cancerous cells! All the human diseases can be treated with cancerous cells, which are the treasures inside the human body. The cancerous cells have a very good characteristic: being able to infinitely multiply itself and not getting dead.

Figure 6”žHumans will not suffer from illnesses if the best wave frequency of genes could be found in the experimentation of the spiritual body.

  Suppose we have 23 pairs of chromosomes. If you know the ways to split them, you will have what is called the incarnations, the reproduced self. The incarnations of the third-level Bodhisattva is 100 times in an instant. And in the process of reproduction, the more genes are activated, the more incarnations we get. The more incarnations we get, the more genes can be activated. The 100% activation is the integration of the physical body and the spiritual body.




The Selfless Fission: the Reproduction of the Incarnation

If the number of chromosomes is doubled”KFor example, you see that someone is chewing something and you know that he is eating. This is the faculty of comprehension. If our chromosomes are twice as much, the comprehension will be as great as knowing where the food was bought, how much was paid, and what is the food made of?

Figure 7”žThe focus of the future medicine would be the activation of the good genes in that 95% part by means of energy resonance.

The reproduction of incarnation is called "the Selfless Fission". I once asked the second Patriarch several the most important questions. I asked him, "How does man fly?" "How does man float in air?" "How does man penetrate walls?" "How can man not sink in water?" "How can man not be burned by fire?" He gave me only one answer: In order to break through the physical phenomena, to unite the physical body and the spiritual body within the three realms, the only way is "not to stick to the self'"! These are the only words he said to me, "When we do not stick to the self, we can change the physical phenomena!"



To Find the Best Wave Frequency of Genes in the Experimentation of the Spiritual Body

Why do I want to conduct some experiments in NASA? I want to see what characteristics of my cells its instrumentations could find out. What will happen when I am conducting the innate nature Buddha light empowerment doctrine? What will happen when I am conducting the no form liberation samadhi? What will happen when the spiritual body works? I want to find out these characteristics first, from which I will then find what is called the wave frequency. When we want to activate these 95% of genes, we will come to learn an activating method with photon or a certain sound wave oscillation for gene activation!

Figure 8”žThe human body is a multi-dimensional space.

There is only one person in this world that can constantly make various adjustments on the physical and mental state. For example, I can easily adjust the index of liver, heart, and all the internal organs to a higher number. Suppose someone's liver index is especially low. I know under what state of being can we bring out a higher index and what changes would happen to the frequencies and waves of the cells. We can make changes directly in genes by means of frequency oscillation.

Just like listening to the sound of a piano. Though we listen with ears, the sound waves will actually penetrate the whole body. Patients of liver cancer, cirrhosis of liver, the excessive function of the liver, can be treated by oscillating his liver with this frequency or sound wave to trigger the gene mutation. If this is possible, then all the patients with liver problems are saved! If this is possible for the liver, the heart, then can this also be possible for all the internal organs?


Resonance energy can activate the good genes in the 95% part.

Student: So, this is a phenomenon of energy resonance?

Figure 9”žA person”¦s mental state has to accord with the ten unlimited minds to be able to properly activate the genes in that 95% part.

Master: Right! Energy oscillation triggers certain changes in genes to bring out the good part of the 95%. There are certain things that cannot be repaired once damaged. For example, some part in the 5% of our brain has been injured so that the senses are lost; however, certain part of the 95%, which has not yet been activated, is even more sensitive in thinking than our brain. Certain functions in that 95% have been utilized only up to 5%.

An average person utilizes this 5% to its full extent. If an additional 5% is activated out of the part of the 95%, and if you can make it work, then the original life dies once this additional 5% begins to work. That is because the newly activated part might be more refined, better, and more advanced. Then, we will not need the original part any more, right? Or, in case of the heart injury or some other problems, due to some reasons, such as gene mutation or something, you may want to repair this 5%, but since gene activation has been done, this person which originally is short of only one hand, will now have three hands?

So, what is the purpose of activating genes of that 95%? This is because the current function of this 5% is only a very superficial action, just like the first stage of our physical Zen. While this 95% covers the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th stages. Though certain part of the 5% has stopped working, not being able to function, you may still use this 95% part, which will be even better than what was before.

In the case of infantile paralysis, the afflicted cannot move his hands, legs. However, if you activate the 95%, though he is thin and dry, he may walk faster, stronger, and swifter than you do. So, the point is not in mending that 5%, but in activating the other 95% so that every single function thus activated can replace the original functions of that 5%.

The Human Body is a Multi-dimensional Space.

For an average person, the 5% part is life-sustaining in terms of the human physical structure. Without the other 95% part our life is still perfectly all right. For a patient, this 95% could be a turning point of his life because though in this 95% some genes are good while some are not, through Forshang cultivation, the good part can be activated”K?

Master: Out of 95%, only 35% activation is already enough to break through time! Our human body is a multi-dimensional space in nature. Our being able to remember things in the past, to break through time is the fourth-dimensional space. Our being able to consider for things to happen in the future is the fifth-dimensional space. Therefore, these genes are our potentials to develop the multi-dimensional functions. It is because of the causation and the karmic force that we set limit for ourselves so that the genes are activated only up to 5% to become the three-dimensional space. Therefore, when the 95% are activated up to about 35%, we should be at least between the fourth and the fifth dimension.

The truth of the legends of "Man Made out of Earth" in different countries

Student: With this being blocked, is it because at the time when Jehovah was making Man, he is against man”¦s possessing God”¦s power?

Master: No! It is because of the human”¦s karma. What do you think is the reason why all the legends tell the same story about man made out of earth since the ancient time? For example, man cannot look back once coming out of the hell. If someone does, he turns into stone. Nu-Kua made man out of the earth. God also made man from the earth. Actually, it is not that man is made out of the earth. It was because when mankind of the last generation was developing weapons, at a certain period of time, due to a certain kind of energy, all the human cells are siliconized, turning man into stone as a side effect. They lived like stones, unable to move. Later on, the making of man was to restore them from stones back to the physical state. It was only some changes that were made.

More than 35% of the genes have been activated for the third generation of the humankind.

Student: The gene activation for the third generation of the humankind should have been up to”K?

Master: It should be at least more than 35%. The first time I saw them, I was in shock myself. I was looking down from the top of the mountain. When the sun rose, all the people in the village came out, holding the hand seal. I was shocked! How come that the hand seal looked so familiar? All the people were gray while the leaders were red. They were doing the universal energy absorption, each holding the hand seals toward the Sun, for only a few seconds. It seemed that each area was led by a red man and there were several hundreds of thousands of people in the entire village. After a few seconds”¦ absorption, they began to work! Later on, why was I so deeply impressed by the words: breathing the wind and drinking the dews? That was because I had seen that indeed.

The mental state determines whether the 95% of the genes can be properly activated.

Student: We hope to activate the 95%. Then how much can the humankind do if we are led by Forshang Buddhism?

Master: The humans cannot deal with even a cancerous cell or the cancer today. Not even with medication or radiation. An afflicted person lives on only because he can change his mental state. A person who does change can live for ten, or twenty more years. Those who cannot change their mental state, have no sincerity, sacrifice, or compassion will not be able to live! The scientific activation of that 95% of genes is initiated by our mental state. Therefore, that ten unlimited minds are the real life-saving treasures, aren”¦t they?

Students in the mental doctrine class in Forshang Buddhism can have the genes be activated up to 35%. For the human beings, I only intend to activate 5%, which will be absolutely enough. It causes problems if too much are activated. This is already beyond a human”¦s capacity. In the human concepts, man cannot live once dead. However, Jesus came back to life, Tamo came back to life, right? It has never occurred to a human that we can bring a dead person back to life because we think it is something absolutely impossible. Such absolute concepts hold humans back from making any breakthrough


III. The Breakthrough in Genetics Begins with the Understanding of the Opposing States

A Superior Green Blood!

Student: What are there in that 95% of genes? There must be something beyond our comprehension so that scientists still cannot find out whether it is in an energy state or something”K?

Master: In the plain language, it should be called the blood in the color opposite to red.

Student: Green?

Master: That is right! Only if we take the opposite side to the prevailing concepts of protein, that is the thing. Therefore, I said that it could never occur to a human brain. Humans absolutely cannot handle this.

Student: From the perspective of the genes, each gene must have a matching RNA to translate so as to make proteins. So, this green blood stuff (the shrimp blood is green because of its green porphyrin ring) is complementary, competing, or modifying to the existing functions of proteins?

All the genes have the opposing functions, both the good and the bad.

Master: The humans are absolutely not able to handle these stuffs because your learning concept is naturally as it is. Simply put, the concept in the universal college is not like this. Its concept is that an absolutely opposing state must exist with all existing things. Between a state and its opposing state, there are many transformations. For example, if there is the black color, there must be the white color; if there is the white color, there must be the black color. Between white and black, there are seven various colors, that is, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Each variation also corresponds with an opposing state. It thus becomes an essence.

As for the blood, it is transparent in nature, which is the plasma, as hemoglobin makes the blood look red. Suppose another thing turns the blood into green, then its function must be opposite to that of the thing that turns the blood into red. If we can bring out such functions in the human body, then the functions must have two extremities. It is resemble that our eyes can see all the good and bad sights, our ears can hear all the good and bad sounds, and our hands can do all the good and bad things. Thus, for all the genes activated, there must be both good and bad functions.

The cultivation is to activate the good genes and to prevent the bad genes from activation, or even to turn the bad functions into good ones.

To Take Bacteria as Our Body”¦s Safeguards

Suppose there is a cell that eats bacteria only; then, there is another cell that especially appeals to bacteria (meaning that the wave your body projects attracts bacteria to enter your body). It attracts a large amount of bacteria into your body not to harm your body but to summon them to defend your body against the invading bacteria. The functions seem completely opposing to each other; however, the purpose is all for protection. Humans basically cannot take concepts structured in such a way: how could a person even attract a great volume of bacteria into his body? He would get so frightened from the very beginning! If this person”¦s mental state is not proper, these bacteria would die after entering the body. If this person”¦s mental state is proper, then these bacteria would be like a team of guards that clear up all the unfavorable bacteria. Let me tell you: this is absolutely unacceptable to human brains

(Master Sun-Don Lee”¦s instructions in the 5th term mental doctrine class on7/2/99)


IV. Gene Recovery: to achieve a total well-being!

Student: The recent report says that DNA engineering can change certain physical state or social behaviors. Doesn”¦t that mean that we are determined by DNA? Doesn”¦t this become fatalism?

Master: DNA hybridization seems to be able to change our physical state; however, it may cause greater damage in our physical state as well.

With the achievement above the third level, one is able to compose DNA freely.

Student: Each one of us is composed of DNA. What is the Buddha nature trying to transcend? If our Buddha nature is composed in a very violent way, then would not the search for truth, goodness, and beauty of the Buddha nature become very distant?

Master: When the Buddha nature is utilized above the third level, one is able to freely compose the DNAs of one”¦s own body. What the DNAs can compose is not limited to the human form only, they can also change humans into various animals, into all kinds of forms, or even the entire pureland when one has reached the state of the spiritual body, as described in these words: the spiritual body is formless yet can transform into all forms. The composition of DNA is only the phenomena in the three realms. No matter how good the DNA composition can get, it can never exceed the limitation of time.

Student: For example, is the kind of DNA we get in a certain lifetime related to our own karma in our previous lifetimes?

Master: You may say so. What the Buddhism says about the fate and the causation is about what you will come across in this life and what physical development you will go through once this energy has brought you the opportunity to become a human. This is what is called the cause and the effect. However, the spiritual cultivation can change this energy.

The Best Way to Change DNA: The Gene Recovery Method for All Beings

Student: To change DNA? Doesn”¦t it sound a little bit difficult?

Master: The best way to change would be the "Innate Nature Buddha Light Empowerment Doctrine" practiced in meditation! Didn”¦t I tell you before that light is time? Trees are naturally capable of photosynthesis; therefore, trees in themselves are four-dimensional if their functions are very well developed.

When we are doing the "Innate Nature Buddha Light Empowerment Doctrine", our body is also absorbing light, the universal energy to make changes in all the cells or even genes. That is to say, if we can really get the effect, our own body will also become a space beyond the fourth dimension.

At the moment of birth, our physical state is in an excellent condition, without any sickness or pains. If our own body is a four-dimensional space, being able to return to that state, then all the existing illnesses will disappear. This is what we called the superior way of changing DNA, or, as the universal college called it, the "Gene Recovery Method for All Beings"

(Master Sun-Don Lee”¦s instructions in the ISDN class on 10/7/99 for the 1st term mental doctrine class)

Figure 10”žThe future genetics will discover the superior green blood as well as how to take bacteria as our body”¦s safeguards.

Figure 11”žSomeone with the achievement beyond the third level can freely compose DNA and thus is able to float in the air, to penetrate walls, not to be drowned by water, or burned by fire.

Figure 12”žThe best way to change DNA is the innate nature Buddha light empowerment doctrine, turning the body into a space beyond the fourth dimension. At that time, humans will no longer suffer from any illness.






Recite the above Nine Word Zen Prayer
to unite with the universal energy.