The Scientific Approach to Buddhist StudyCosmology (V)

Earthquake, Earth and Inner Earth( I )


Lecturer/Sun-Don Lee  ( Leader of Forshang Buddhism)
Compiler/Li-Kang Ho (Director, Department and Institute of Pharmacology, National Yang-Ming University)
Translator/Helena Chou (Resident Instructor of Forshang Buddhism World Center, L.A. Branch)

The three industrial revolutions (internal combustion engine, nuclear energy, and the computer), as well as the recent success in human genome sequencing, have made modern people believe more than ever that man is the soul of the universe. Man conquers Nature. But is that really the way? People in the modern world think human technology and civilization are making continuous progress. But, are we really the only civilization in this immense universe? The earthquake of September 21, 1999 shocked central Taiwan and caused great loss in lives and properties. The recent devastating Gujarati earthquake in the Northwest of India, and the earlier ones in Mexico, in Turkey, in Kobe, and in TangShan, would bring people in that area no less shock than our big quake to us. Such incidents could be found not infrequently in history.   In fact, earthquakes are more than a million times a year on average, including at least a hundred serial quakes, and ten drastic quakes. The most dreadful may be the one that happened north of ShanHsi Province in 1556, which resulted in eight hundred thirty thousand people dead. On December 30, 1703, two hundred thousand people died in the earthquake in Tokyo, Japan. The earthquake in Calcutta, India on Oct. 11, 1737 resulted in three hundred thousand people dead. Homes were destroyed, people were dead and the world was changed in the blink of an eye. To ancient people whose knowledge were was much more limited than ours, the impact and the shock should have been even greater.

Unique rituals can be found in every ancient civilization or people for them to worship heavens and gods. The Altar of Heaven in Beijing, the relics of Maya culture and , the temple of God in Ancient Greece, are all physical symbols. Are these reactions to natural disasters? Why do all these people worship, and why do all the rituals develop in the same way? Are these merely a psychological effect? Or, are there things that we still do not understand? And Iis this kind of knowledge not taught in school? Are Buddha’s, Jesus’, and the saint’s words simply religion?   Modern astronomy and physics predict the final destruction of the universe. And will humans have the ability to escape the fate of destruction?  

How can we lead human civilization to rapid development and not to ruin? The scientific approach to Buddhist study advocated by Forshang Buddhism is extremely noteworthy. With the worldly orientation of Buddhism, the scientific approach to Buddhist study, the daily practicability of Buddhist doctrine, the modernization of the Buddhist system, human civilization is standing at a turning point. Master Lee has many class instructions on this aspect, of which we would take down in the following dialogues between Master Lee and his students concerning the earth, the planet we live on, based on what he sees in deep meditation.


The imbalance of earth gravity will result in a big flood 

Master: The great Arhan can see through eighty thousand long kalpas, which equals approximately eight trillion years or so. That is, the earth is destroyed after birth and is born after destruction. How many times could that be? Divide eight trillion by ten billion.  Divide eight by 2, you get 4. Divide a trillion by ten billion you get a hundred. It is about 400 times. The universe is destroyed and born, is born and destroyed four hundred times. (It is previously mentioned in other articles that the life span of the Milky Way is different from this number. This number refers to the average life span of each individual cosmos in the entire universe.) 

Student: Another question: Last week, some students asked Master and learned that the Shan-Hai-Ching is a book left from the human race of the last generation. If…But I still do not quite understand the Shan-Hai-Ching, which writes about many eccentric animals and plants, or even their effects. Are these descriptions true or false? 

Master: More or less! Man’s life style of last generation is totally different from ours. 

Student: Some are half man and half animal. Is that a legend? 

Master: Not really. As a matter of fact, not really. Like that Yu the Great, his upper body is human but his lower body is snake. So is Nu-Kua. Is that right? That was the way things were recorded. 

Figure 1: The half-man half-animal creature as described in the Shan-Hai-Ching has some truth in it, and is not just an invention of pure imagination.



That Yu the Great - the person who irrigated the river. In Europe and America, many legends go like that. Am I right? There was a woman whose hair were snakes, right? Many legends are indeed alike. Among Hindu culture, Egyptian culture…etc., there are many, many common points… many, many similarities. 

Student: Master, are you saying that those stories might be true? 

Master: They should be the truth. Just like the flood, which is also recorded in the Bible, right? Then, there was Noah’s Ark. But China also had the flood. That Kung-Kung and Chu-Rung had a fight. Kung-Kung lost and felt very ashamed and furious. Chu-Rung is the god of fire while Kung-Kung is the god of water. After Kung-Kung, the god of water lost the fight, he struck down the Bu-Chou Mountain in great anger. After the Bu-Chou Mountain was struck down, a big flood came. A record of the big flood could be found in every country of the world...all the countries.  The North and the South Pole of the earth before are different from those of the earth today, right? Before, the North Pole was China. China was in the North Pole. It was not supposed to be the Chinese Continent. Taiwan was supposed to be the North Pole. This is our planet, right? It was different from the way it is now. It tilts 23.5 degree now. This was the way the earth was, originally. Our north and the south hemisphere were originally the east and the west hemisphere. The north and the south hemisphere were the east and the west hemisphere. It became reversed later. It was reversed like this and it is spinning like this right now. So, if some day the green house effect does occur… Do you know what is most dreadful about the green room effect? It is not that the ice of the North Pole melts or that the sea level rises. Those are nothing, insignificant. Those things do not matter. The most dreadful thing about the earth is that the already tilted earth would further fall to one side in spinning due to the imbalance of the gravity of the earth resulted from the melted ice water of the North and the South Pole. This side would turn into water, right? If this side has more water, it would fall. Just like spinning a top. It spins and spins, but what will it be like before it falls? Now, the most dreadful thing is that the earth would fall because of the unbalanced gravity. That was what happened once before. This side was too heavy that it tilted 23.5 degree. So, the earth did not tilt 23.5 degree vertically. Rather, it was lifted up 66.5 degree horizontally. Do you understand? 

Student: That was what happened in the big flood, right? 

Master: Yes. That was what happened then. If the earth does fall in the big flood and if the earth does turn in the 23.5 tilt, it keeps spinning in such an unbalanced gravity, the sea level will rise up twelve hundred meters. 

 Student: Isn’t that almost the end? 

Figure 2: The greenhouse effect will result in the melting of icebergs at the North and the South Poles, causing the earth to fall upside down due to the earth gravity imbalance. A dreadful big flood will ensue. 






Figure 3: The north and the south hemispheres today were originally the east and the west hemispheres and Taiwan was once at the North Pole.  




Master: Oh! There will be only one place in the world that will not be drowned, that is, Himalayas. 

Student: That means our generation comes to an end. 

Master: Um…So we make Noah’s Ark at that time. It was like that last time. In the last fall of the earth, the water went even higher. It was then six thousand five hundred meters. The sea level rose above the current level by six thousand five hundred meters. Everything was under the sea! Everything was under the sea. If the earth falls again…It is just like this: If the water surface is untouched, it stays leveled. But it would rise especially high, otherwise. If the earth falls like this, fall this way, then the sea level will rise twelve hundred meters in less than a minute.

Student: Master, you said that Taiwan was the North Pole before. I happened to learn from yesterday’s papers the discovery of whale fossils in the mountains of NanTo, Taiwan. Was Taiwan under the sea before, or in the North Pole? 

Master: No. Taiwan was connected to the mainland before.

Student: Taiwan did not arise from the bottom of the sea, did it? 

Master: No, it did not. 

Student: Is it based on the structure stated in the Shan-Hai-Ching? 

Master: No. When you read the Shan-Hai-Ching, many geological concepts have to be reversed.  

Student: Was it like the earth you just mentioned? 

Master: Yes, yes, yes! It is reversed. Let’s take the Chinese Nine Palace Square(九宮格)for example. It is right that the North is at the bottom. It is that you do not look at the earth the way it is now. In fact, the earth should be taken as upside down. So, it is upside down already…Ai! You would not understand even if I tell you. That was the way, Ai! Very complicated. 

Student: So, if that is the way, then the humans of the last generation did not create a bunch of abnormal monsters due to their highly developed genetics.   

Master: No, no, no. That was the way they looked like. That look fitted them perfectly.

Student: Do all humans of last generation look alike? 

Master: No. Their looks are diversified, unlike the ugly way we look like. It is so obvious that we humans of this generation are their laboratory works. That is why our looks are so unified. How can our looks be so unified? It is absolutely unreasonable to look so unified. 

Student: Then, Master, do you mean that we are all the duplicates of DNA? 

Master: Um…Not the duplicates of DNA, but the failed lab works.

 (Excerpted from Master Lee’s instructions in 9/20/2000 Mental Doctrine Class in Taipei)  

The existence of the inner earth will be verified in the future 

Student: How are you, Master? The day before yesterday, Master instructed on the rotation of the earth. After examining the records for the magnetic force ray of lava, it is revealed that the magnetic pole of the earth magnetism has actually changed many times.

Master: Yes, it is constantly changing. 

Student: How does the entire process work in terms of the earth magnetism?.

Master: The magnetic pole of the earth magnetism is actually circular. We have been thinking and assuming that a magnetic pole is fixed, and linear, but it is actually circular. Then, the circle is somehow like…not amoebas, but more like that thing in Terminator 2. Did you see that movie? 

Student: Yes, the mercury thing. 

Master: Yes, yes. It’s sort of like that mercury thing, the one that fights against Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sort of like that. It is actually, well, it’s like a soft object that can change shape. So what about it? Its changing speed is really fast. Its inside oscillates quickly. When the outside gravity or pressure is unbalanced, it changes instantly.

Student: The earth’s crust is geologically movable. That is, when Master talks about the rotation. Since we know that magnetic force is much greater than the gravity, how do they interact with each other?

Master: It is like this. The earth, let’s talk about just the earth, it is basically hollow if go three thousand kilometers deep from the surface. The crust of the earth is only between three thousand and three thousand six hundred kilometers. The inside is completely hollow! So… 

Student: Is it hollow? Or is it like a black hole, or some kind of mass of high density, nothing at all?

Figure 4: The crust of the earth is approximately three thousand to three thousand six hundred kilometers thick. To go further in, it becomes another planet, the beings of which take the earth gravity center as a passage to other space of the universe.

Master: No. The inside is simply another world. That world, or from another perspective, the inside is another planet, which is populated heavily, with humans, beings, those kinds of things. It’s just thatThe only thing is that they have better luck than we do, . It is because the gravity center in the center of the earth is their passage and they do not even need to go through the surface of the earth. They can go anywhere in the universe through the passage in the center of the earth. The advantage is that they do not need to come out, not at all. Any nutrition they need, it’s all inside the crust of the earth in plentiful abundance. And even…humans are self-righteous, you know? Seventy percent of the earth is water, right? Over fifty percent of the sunlight is harmful to the human body. OK. Sunlight cannot penetrate to the bottom of the sea. That is, not all of the sunlight can penetrate to the bottom. Only the particles of visible lights are unable to go through, but it does not mean that other particles of the sunlight cannot, right? It is only the light particles that cannot penetrate to the bottom, and that is why the bottom of the sea is black. However, as in another experiment, you sift the composition of the sunlight again and again, as the way the seawater is doing, to get rid of the particles that cannot go through until you end up with the particles that can. And those will turn out to be the ones of highest energy, the best ones. Those are the only particles you will need. Only one or two pieces of such particle can supply all the electricity the earth will ever need in one or two years. It is just that you do not know yet the way to make use of those things. So, they simply use the seawater and the earth to do the sifting and thus block out lot of particles. Some cannot penetrate; some go under no more than one or two kilometers. However, there are certain particles that do penetrate all obstacles. As those things do not radiate light, we feel that, Oh, there is no light. Nevertheless, they do exist. And all you need are those things. So, what do they want? The outside of the earth is a big crust while the inside is originally another planet. I even doubt that the big crust outside is a creation of the planet inside. If that is the case, those guys inside are the so-called "Jehovah." 

Figure 5: The land and the seawater will sift out the low energy particles of sunlight, and the rare high energy particles left are utilized by the inner earth.

Student: Yes, like what Peter Faun talks about. (Note: Jehovah has different definition in some places.) 

Master: If those guys are Jehovah, they should come from Mars since the Garden of Eden is there. But how did they chase Adam and Eve, the ancient ancestors of the inferior human race to the earth? They did it through the passage inside. So, the Garden of Eden is actually a creation in the inside of the Mars, which is connected to the core of the earth. Adam and Eve were later chased out of there to come out to the surface of the earth. That’s it.

Student: Then, Master instructed last time that there was the big flood at the time of Noah’s Ark, and also that Kung-Kung and Chu-Rung had a war and after the war Kung-Kung hit down Bu-Chou Mountain. In the case of Noah’s Ark, there was obviously a "Jehovah" who knew about the coming of the big flood. Then, in the case of Kung-Kung striking down Bu-Chou Mountain, whom did Kung-Kung represent?

Master: In the case of Kung-Kung striking down Bu-Chou Mountain, to put it simply, someone had set off a nuclear explosion. Bu-Chou Mountain! He struck down Bu-Chou Mountain. The nuclear explosion has the mushroom cloud, doesn’t it? SSame thing, except that this nuclear bomb was more powerful than a thousand nuclear bombs of today.  

Figure 6: Kung-Kung striking down Bu-Chou Mountain actually set off a super nuclear explosion; and Nu-Kua mending the sky cleared up the radiation.  

Student: It was much more powerful! 

Master: It was much, much, more powerful. So, about the striking down of Bu-Chou Mountain, what was the fact? It was a nuclear explosion! Then, a big flame followed the explosion. Then, what? It shot up, that mushroom cloud, right? Does not that mushroom cloud look like a mountain? That was the way it was described and illustrated in ancient times, in the Shan-Hai-Ching. That was the way! An extremely big cloud erected from the earth up to the sky. After Kung-Kung struck down Bu-Chou Mountain, after the big flood, Nu-Kua mended the sky! Right? Nu-Kua mending the sky is another concept. The tale about Nu-Kua said that Nu-Kua mended the sky because the sky broke a big hole. However, from another perspective, the sky broke a big hole, a deeply dark big black hole, and what was that hole? Nu-Kua’s mending of the hole means…what? 

Student: Clouds. 

Master: She was sweeping the lingering clouds. It looked like she was mending the sky. As a matter of fact, she was clearing up the radioactive dust. (Note: besides the radiation pollution, radioactive dust clouds would block off the sunlight, causing drastic changes in climate.) 

Student: Yes. So, is that big flood actually a "tsunami" caused by the water rising from the earth? 

Master: Right! It was triggered by the nuclear explosion, which destroyed the geology. Thus, the earth had a big shift, a big shake, and then all the sea levels rose rapidly.  

Student: So, it actually caused a tsunami! It was because… 

Master: That was not a tsunami any more. That was the rise of all the sea levels at the same time. Tsunami is like this, right? It comes up like this, right? That was not like that. It was the rise of all the sea levels on the earth at the same time. 

Student: For all the sea levels to go up, if considering the total amount of water on the earth… 

Master: Very easy!  it happens as the guys below usThe bottom needs to push the crust up… 

Student: So, it is actually… 

Master: It is the earth. It is mainly the earth. Let’s not consider the earth as the way it is now. In the core is a planet. OK! It is a neat surface covered by some stuff from the outside. Suppose that is the way.  OK! The whole thing need only expand, and all things go up. 

Student: To expand outwardly, in consideration of the total amount of water, it can probably rise about only three meters on average! 

Master: As long as it expands outwardly, it is OK! Let’s say that the water is here, right? This level of water will rise as far as the bottom can push up. 

Student: So, it takes away from the water and land. 

Master: Yes, Yes, Yes. Push up the water, and sink the land. 

Student: Sinking down… 

Master:  That works. So, basically, it is not man that controls the earth. To put it simply, we are only corpses that move and breathe on the surface of the earth. 

Student: What a pity. 

Master: In fact, I do not think that it would be long, really, and probably in this century that what I am saying can be proven to be true. Things are moving faster and faster, and we are almost there. As long as you can live another fifty years, you will certainly prove my words true. The children today will be able to prove that I am right. They will say, "Oh! My master already said that fifty years ago." 

Student: So, the terrestrial plate is movable. Why are we afraid of that? We should have been very used to that. 

Master: They are behind a lot of things. To be honest, they are behind a lot of things. They do some strange things. I may sound like a lunatic. A long time ago I often talked about this kind of things. Later, my father looked at my eyes, thinking that I was out of my mind, and I do not say things like this any more. Really, I told him back then that ninety percent of the sun is water and there are habitants on the sun. He thought that I had lost my mind due to my Buddhist practice. Not until three or four years ago did NASA proved that ninety percent of the sun is water and that I was proved to be correct. From that point on, I will begin to talk a lot about earthquakes and many situations. It is a set-up, a set-up. Also, if they detected someone with talents, causation, or something, or children of great intellectual development in the future, as those are the things they can calculate, they would kill those people. The guys below us did it. It sounds crazy, right? That is why human civilization develops so slowly. It is simply because the development is mostly manipulated by others. So, we should pretend to be stupid in our childhood; otherwise we will not be here today at all.  

Figure 7: Humans brag about their advanced technologies; however, they did not go anywhere in dealing with natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, etc.

Student: So, for the entire earth, the center and the crust are worlds of totally different realms.

The beings that live on greed, anger and ignorance 

Master: I tell you. In the core of the earth, there is another place whose habitants are really amazing. They are really fierce. Really fierce! You cannot even imagine. They feed on human’s greed, anger and ignorance. Their food is made by humans. When we need food, we come out to look for food. Not them. They live on our greed, anger, and ignorance brain waves, especially anger. They like anger best. The electrical waves, the brain waves you project in anger is the food they like most. There are such beings around us. Such beings are everywhere in the world. They like humans.  as humans are the food they grow feed on. It is just like our growing corns, or raising pigs, cattle, that kind of thing. They raise…why do they create humans the way we are, the way we think? Why do they control the development of human civilization? It is because they have to control humans. They create food to feed themselves. They live on greed, anger and ignorance projected from our brain waves. So, they hate and fear most those Buddhist practitioners, who can enter meditation and have them delivered as a piece of pie.

Student: Master once instructed that some deviated practice could not penetrate into the core of the earth. Is that also related to these concepts? 

Master: Yes. Those deviated practices have big obstacles in their magnetic energy fields, very big obstacles in their energy fields. 

Student: That is why they cannot penetrate into there? 

Figure 8: The more greed, anger and ignorance humans have, the greater danger they bring to their lives.  Only the Cultivation can elevate and purify our body and mind.

Master: Right! So, you know? Those beings that eat greed, anger and ignorance are really everywhere. If your concentration is not strong enough, you will be frightened by what you see the first time. You will really be frightened. That is really a world in dark green! All the places are like hell. That is why our world is called the filthy world of five impurities. Sakyamuni Buddha indeed has a reason to call our world by that name. It is indeed a world of impurities. He did not say that for no reason. He did not describe this earthly world as the filthy world of five impurities as he pleased. He did not say that carelessly because around us are these kinds of beings that live on our greed, anger and ignorance. Just think about it, our lives should not be consumed so rapidly when we are greedy, angry or ignorant in our everyday life. It is because those beings are eating us. That is why human’s lives are consumed so fast. That is why our bodies suffer great damages in each instance of greed, anger and ignorance. It is because we are sucked and eaten. Ai! It is like I am talking nonsense to you. Anyway, that is the way it is. Some day my words will be proven to be true! 

Student: I believe that Master’s words are true words. I do believe in you! 

Master: Oh! T thanks! 


 (Excerpted from Master Lee’s instructions in 9/24/2000 Mental Doctrine Class in Taipei)  

(To be continued)   



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