Forshang World Foundation


The Statement of Dharma Nature

Master Sun-Don Lee, the Third Patriarch of Forshang Sect is in the process of writing 36 Statements of Dharma Nature based on his own cultivation and testimonies. He is scheduled to issue one Statement very year. To date, seven Statements have been published to date.


The Supreme Hua-Yen Books Series

The summary of teaching by Master Lee at the Forshang Buddhism Mental Doctrines Classes have been compiled into Three Supreme Hua-Yen Doctrines Books.


The Absolute Forshang Books Series

Authored by Master Lee, stated the establishment of Forshang Buddhism Da Yuan Association and stories of preaching Buddhism around the world. To date, six books have been published.


The Collection of Cultivation Testimonies

The true stories of the Forshang disciple’s cultivation process and their testimonies are being compiled, these “real” experiences include stories that are personal, relatives, friends, fellow workers who have sickness and love problems, and so on. To date, eight books have been published.


Monthly Magazine - The World of Forshang

The World of Forshang Magazine was put out for the first issue on March 25 1997 and it contains the scientific approach of Buddhism study, the daily practice of Buddhism doctrines, new computer technologies, Chinese chivalry novels, medical reports, arts, and many others articles in Chinese and English.


The Great Fortune of Life and Death

Master Lee leads the discussion about the Life and Death with his own cultivation achievements to explore the mysteries of “ Life”, “ Death” and “Dreams”. To date, the first chapter has been published.


Audio Publications

The creative works of Master Lee on “Nine Words Zen Sound Dharani”, “Da Zi Zai Wan Fo Hymn”, and “ In Memory of the Patriarch Music Suite”, that performed by Taipei Century Symphony Orchestra with singing by the Taipei Century Choir, of which CDs and tapes were released.

In February 1998, the Foundation has released the CDs of Mr. Peter Faun’s symphonic ballet music “Snow Lily” for the global premiere in Moscow.


Sponsor Folk Arts and Festivals


[Drawing Contest]

In July 1995, the Foundation had sponsored the children drawing contest in Taipei – “The Appointment with Buddha from the Innocent Little Heart”.


[Folk Arts Festival]

Since 1996, the Foundation has sponsored “Childhood Innocence Festival” and “Free Clinic of Chinese Medicine” Annually to help the children to know much about the oldest childhood games.

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